Daily Meditation - Monday 8September 2008 (BIRTH OF MARY) - Faith, Trusst and R I S K

Birth of Mary


Mass Readings & Meditation



*** Do you rejoice in the promises of God and trust in his saving plan for your life?***
*][LEFT]There is a long venerable tradition among many Christians of celebrating the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus our Savior, on this day.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] Her birth prepared for our redemption in Jesus Christ…[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] Mary was asked to assume in faith a burden of tremendous responsibility. [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]It had never been heard of before that a child could be born without a natural father.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] Mary was asked to accept this miraculous exception to the laws of nature. [/LEFT]
That required faith and trust.
[LEFT]Second, Mary was not…


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