Daily Meditation - Saturday 20September 2008 - WHICH TYPE OF HEARER AM I?



Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang and Companions




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**How good are you at listening, **

especially for the word of God?
*][LEFT]God is always ready to speak to each of us and to give us understanding of his word. [/LEFT]
*][LEFT] Jesus’ parable of the sower is aimed at the hearers of his word.[/LEFT]
There are different ways of accepting God’s word and they produce different kinds of fruit accordingly.
*][LEFT] There is the prejudiced hearer who has a shut mind. [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Such a person is unteachable and blind to the things of God. [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Then there is the shallow hearer who fails to think things out or think them through; such a person lacks spiritual depth.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] They may initially respond with an emotional fervor; but when it wears off their mind wanders to something else.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] Another type of hearer is the person who has many interests or cares, but who lacks the ability to hear or comprehend what is truly important. Such a person is for ever too busy to pray or too preoccupied to study and meditate on God’s word.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] He or she may work so hard that they are too tired to even think of anything else but their work.[/LEFT]
[/LIST][LEFT] Then there is the one whose mind is open. Such a person is
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