Daily Meditation - Saturday 8th November 2008 - THE ENEMY OF GENEROSITY


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What does “tainted money” (or “unrighteous mammon”) have to do with heavenly treasure and eternal life?
*][LEFT]Jesus exhorts his disciples to be like the shrewd steward who used money generously to make friends and win for himself a secure and happy future (see the parable of the dishonest steward in Luke 16:1-9). [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Generous giving is connected with almsgiving – giving financial assistance to those in need (sell your possessions and give alms -Luke 12:33). [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Those who receive alms become your friends because you are merciful to them in their time of need, just as God is merciful to you in your need for his forgiveness and help. What is the enemy of generosity?[/LEFT]



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