Daily Meditation - Sunday 10August 2008 - WHEN CALAMITY AND TRIALS THREATEN


Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Mass Readings & Meditation



Does the Lord seem distant when
** trials or adversity come your way?**
*][LEFT] It was at Jesus’ initiative that the disciples sailed across the lake, [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]only to find themselves in a life-threatening storm (see Mark 6:53-56). [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Although they were experienced fishermen,[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] they feared for their lives.[/LEFT]

While Jesus was not with them in the boat, he, nonetheless watched for them in prayer.[/LEFT]
][LEFT] When he perceived their trouble he came to them on the sea and startled them with his sudden appearance.[/LEFT]
* Do you look for the Lord’s presence when you encounter difficulty or challenges?*** [/LEFT]

This dramatic incident on the sea of Galilee revealed Peter’s character more fully than others.
][LEFT]Here we see Peter’s impulsivity[/LEFT]
][LEFT] – his tendency to act without thinking of what he was doing. [/LEFT]
][LEFT]He often failed and came to grief as a result of his impulsiveness. [/LEFT]
In contrast, Jesus always bade his disciples to see how difficult it was to follow him before they set out on the way he taught them.
][LEFT] A great deal of failure in the Christian life is due to acting on impulse[/LEFT]
and emotional fervor without counting the cost.
*][LEFT] Peter, fortunately in the moment of his failure [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]clutched at Jesus and held him firmly. [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Every time Peter fell, he rose again[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]. His failures only made him love the Lord more deeply and trust him more intently.[/LEFT]
The Lord keeps watch over us at all times, and especially in our moments of temptation and difficulty.
*][LEFT] Do you rely on the Lord for his strength and help?[/LEFT]
Jesus assures us that we have no need of fear
if we trust in Him
and in his great love for us.
*][LEFT] When calamities or trials threaten to overwhelm you, how do you respond?[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] With faith and hope in God’s love, care and presence with you? [/LEFT]
[/LIST]“Lord Jesus, help me to trust you always and to never doubt your presence and your power to help me. In my moments of doubt and weakness, may I cling to you as Peter did. Strengthen my faith that I may walk straight in the path you set before me, neither veering to the left nor to the right”.


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