Daily Meditation - Sunday 21September 2008 - DO I LABOUR FOR THE REWARD?


Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday Obligations**

Mass Readings & Meditation




** What can work and wages,**
** wefare and the unemployed tell us about the kingdom of God?**

*][LEFT]In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard we see the extraordinary generosity and compassion of God.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] There is great tragedy in unemployment, the loss of work, and the inability to earn enough to live and support oneself or one’s family . [/LEFT]
In Jesus’ times laborers had to wait each day in the marketplace until someone hired them for a day’s job. No work that day usually meant no food on the family table. The laborers who worked all day and received their payment complain that the master pays the late afternoon laborers the same wage. The master, undoubtably, hired them in the late afternoon so they wouldn’t go home payless and hungry.

God is generous in opening the doors of his kingdom to
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Something became very clear to me as I posted the above meditation, one of those blinding flashes when one is in a dark room and suddenly the blind flies up!!! …or this is to what I liken my ‘blinding flashes’.
We need to have it firmly in our minds the positive reason we are about our labours in The Lord’s vineyard…else when the going gets rough, our good work suffers. But if paramount in our minds in our labours is our motivation, then when the going gets rough we can continue our work because of that motivation.
Hope that makes sense! I know what it means:D


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