Daily Meditation - Sunday 31August 2008 - AM I READY TO LOOSE TOTALLY EVERYTHING?


[FONT=Arial]Sunday is Holy Day of Obligation

[FONT=Arial]and a day of rest**
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What is the most important investment you can make with your life?
*][LEFT]Jesus poses some probing questions to challenge our assumptions about what is most profitable and worthwhile.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]In every decision of life we are making ourselves a certain kind of person.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]The kind of person we are, our character, determines to a large extent the kind of future we will face and live.[/LEFT]

[quote] It is possible that some can gain all the things they set their heart on, only to wake up suddenly and discover that they missed the most important things of all.


[LEFT]Of what value are READ ON HERE[/LEFT]



I recall my director when I was in a convent in my teens telling me that God would give me The Grace to deal with anything, but not necessarily The Grace to conquer my imagination about anything …and “ready to loose totally everything” can be seen as an appeal to the imagination to imagine having absolutely nothing. Rather “to loose everything” asks an acknowledgement that God will never ask of me more than I can give and Grace will always be with me and more than sufficient…hence under those terms I can ask myself, am I readly to “loose everything”.


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