Daily Meditation - Thursday 14August 2008 - HOW JUSTICE & MERCY WORK TOGETHER


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Maximilian Kolbe

Mass Readings & Meditation

How does mercy and justice [size=2]go together?[/size]
The prophet Amos speaks of God forgiving transgression three times, but warns that
God may not revoke punishment for the fourth (see Amos 1:3-13; 2:1-6).

[sign]No offence our neighbor can do to us can compare with our debt to God! We have been forgiven a debt which is beyond all paying; to ransom our debt of sin God gave up his only begotten Son. If God has forgiven each of us our debt, which was very great, we, too must forgive others the debt they owe us.[/sign]

[LEFT]Jesus teaches that one must forgive in order to be forgiven. If we do not forgive our fellow human being we cannot expect God to forgive us. James says that** "judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy"** (James 2:13).

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