Daily Meditation - Thursday 25September 2008 - AM I A PEOPLE PLEASER, OR A GOD PLEASER?

Mass Readings & Meditation


*][LEFT]Who is most influential in your life? [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]And who do you most want to be like?[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]We naturally look up to other people we want to imitate. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]If we truly want to be like God and to live as his sons and daughters, then it greatly helps us to have models and examples of godly people who show us how to live in the power of God’s love and holiness.

[quote]God’s grace frees us from the tyranny of fear and the pressure to please others rather than to please God.

Do you allow God’s grace to fill you with faith and courage to choose what is good and pleasing to him and to reject whatever would keep you from embracing his love and will for your daily life?
Who do you most admire?
*]People with power, influence, fame or wealth?
*][LEFT]Scripture warns us of such danger (see Proverbs 23:1-2).[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]King Herod had respected and feared John the Baptist as a great prophet and servant of God.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]John, however did not fear to rebuke Herod for his adulterous affair with his brother’s wife.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Herod, however, was more of a people pleaser than a God pleaser. Herod not only imprisoned John to silence him, but READ ON HERE[/LEFT]


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