Daily Meditation - Tuesday 19August 2008 - WHY IS JESUS CAUTIOUS ABOUT WEALTH?



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John Eudes


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Was Jesus really against wealth? **
And why does he issue such a strong warning
** to the rich

** (as well as to the rest of us who desire to be rich)?**

*] We know that Jesus was not opposed to wealth per se, nor was he opposed to the wealthy.
*]He had many friends who were well-to-do, including some notorious tax collectors!
*]One even became an apostle!
*] Jesus’ warning reiterated…[/LIST]…***read whole text of meditation ***here

Extract from meditation: The camel was regarded as the largest animal in Palestine. The “eye of the needle” could be interpreted quite literally or it could figuratively describe the narrow and low gate of the city walls which was used by travellers when the larger public gate was locked after dark. A normal sized man had to “lower” himself to enter that gate. A camel would literally have to kneel and crawl through it.


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