Daily Missal Recomendations

Hello All,

I was wondering if I could get a recommendation on a Daily Missal to purchase. I’m not a daily mass attender usually, as my work and present mass schedules in my area prevent it. But I thought getting a Daily Missal might be a good way for me to say connected to the Mass, perhaps by reading though the readings and daily Mass prayers on my own. I also thought it might be nice to have a missal to read along to Sunday Mass with.

I know there are also various smart phone apps that could accomplish this too, but I prefer the tangibility of a book. Plus, I always feel funny pulling out my phone to read along with during Mass.

So far I’ve narrowed down my choices between the three volume St. Joseph edition with the zip covers (I love those kinds of covers :wink: and the single volume version from the Midwest Theological Seminary.

As I’ve browsed around the forums here I gathered that most people seemed to prefer the MTS version. My question is why? What features in particular does this version have that the St. Joseph version lacks?

Just curious, any guidance either way would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

Have a look at the one’s from Midwest Theological Forum. They are not cheap.


There was a long thread about this missal at forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=622761

The one from MTF has may prayers in the back, complete rubrics for benediction, rite of the sacrament of reconciliation and an extensive calendar style index. I’ve had mine for six months and am still learning things about it.


You can also go to mycatholic.com. They have the readings. Reflections on today’s Mass, Saint of the day, Reflections of a Saint and a section from the catechism. You can even listen to the readings if you want to sit back with you eyes closed and just listen or you can read them.

This is the one I have. It was a bit cheaper on Amazon.

I have the MTF one and really enjoy it. I have used the Saint Joseph and Magnificat in the past, but I like the MTF the best. It is nice to have everything in one volume, and I just really like the way it is set up. I attend daily mass often, but I use it mostly for the readings/prayers. I don’t follow along in it for other parts (prefaces, etc.).

Well, I have both. I purchased the MTF and I agree with everyone it has so much more than the St. Joseph, many prayers and more. My issue was because it did have so much it was a little heavy and seemed a little large for me at mass, though I do see more and more people using it and it doesn’t bother them. It was probably just me. I purchased the hardcover also and kind of wished I had got the soft cover. I think it would probably be more ease of use. I was always afraid if dropped the hard cover on the wooden pew, wow, well that would be embarrassing.

I then purchased the St. Joseph edition because of their being divided into three and it makes it easier to handle for me. They are what they are, though, a missal. They don’t have all that the MTF has. They have a few prayers but not as many as the MTS but I like the way the St. Joseph missals are organized, especially during the week. Very, very user friendly. I am very glad I purchased them. I use them all the time.

Another MTF owner who is very happy with their purchase. It’s big and a tad heavy, but not unmanageable.

When you consider what a subscription to Magnificat costs, the MTF Missal is actually pretty cheap since you only have to pay for it once.

Another vote for MTF purchased on Amazon. :thumbsup:

MTF, hardcover, purchased at a local Catholic bookstore who had them in stock before Amazon did. It replaced my three volume St. Joseph Daily Missal from the pre-revised Mass. I got the hardcover because I was too impatient to wait for the leatherbound copy.

I had bought the Baronius Press 1962 Missal for those times I can get to a Tridentine Mass, and wanted something for the Ordinary Form that was similar in scope and depth. The MTF Missal is, to my mind, as comprehensive as the Baronius, with of course, the difference in form of the Mass it is designed to follow.

I even picked up a zippered vinyl cover for it here:


Scroll down about one quarter of the page. The cover fits without bulges when it breaks in to the book, and the zipper has a medal of the Holy Family attached to the zipper pull. A little pricey, but worth it to protect this kind of investment, in my opinion (I live in an area notorious for bad weather, and thought I needed something a little more suitable than a plastic supermarket bag as a cover.) Plus, the folks who run this web store are really nice people.

I got involved in a Bible reflection group that studies and meditates on the Mass readings for the following Sunday. So the MTF missal is a nice take-along for that group, along with my Bible.

I didn’t think that the cash outlay was excessive. Back in the day, when most people had missals (pre English language Mass and paper missalettes in the pews,) they generally had a missal for life, or until it fell apart from use. That took many years.

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