Daily Prayer July 7, 2009


Daily Prayer July 7, 2009

I thank You, Lord, for all the material comforts I have received. I have been greatly blessed with gifts of food, shelter and clothing. Help me to remain mindful of those who lack these necessities, and open my heart – and the hearts of others – to sharing our gifts with the less fortunate. Amen.



May God have mercy on us, and bless us:
May he cause the light of his countenance to shine upon us,
and may he have mercy on us.
That we may know thy way upon earth: thy salvation in all nations.
Let people confess to thee, O God:
let all people give praise to thee.
Let the nations be glad and rejoice:
for thou judgest the people with justice,
and directest the nations upon earth.
Let the people, O God, confess to thee:
let all the people give praise to thee:
The earth hath yielded her fruit.
May God, our God bless us, may God bless us:
and all the ends of the earth fear him.
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