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Hi all! I am brand new to the forums, so I hope this is the appropriate place to ask this question. Basically, I am a High Church Anglican who is interested in becoming Catholic. I have used the Book of Common Prayer as a daily devotional guide for some time, and I was wondering if there was a corresponding resource for Catholics (or if you all could recommend similar devotional guides)! Thanks so much!


you’re very welcome to the Forums, and I’m delighted that you feel called to become Catholic, and have the courage and generosity to do so.
There are a core of much used Catholic prayers. And there is the Divine Office, which may appeal to you, with its rotation of prayers, scriptural readings and psalms. This is a truly valuable resource.
I’ll leave others to respond with specific books.

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Hello, welcome…15 years ago when I converted, my father in law gave me a wonderful prayer book called the Catholic book of Prayers…It has the basic Catholic prayers, and many others and it also has the order of Mass in it…It’s small so I can bring it with me to church or when we go away…It’s published by Catholic Book Publishing Co. in New York…God Bless you:)


Thanks! I really appreciate the help!


Hey there! I was a High Church Episcopalian and I converted to Roman Catholicism in 1977. I know that the 1928 prayer book has morning and evening prayer (and communion service, of course). Options:
—The 4 volume Litergy of Hours - that’s what the priests pray
—Christian Prayer - a single volume of LOH; many religious orders us this
—Shorter Christian Prayer - a smaller volume
—The Little Office of the Blessed Virgen Mary

You need a guide (sold where you buy the LOH) for the first 2 options.

All of these offer a minimum of 4 divine offices; but if you only wish to pray morning and evening prayer, that’s fine, don’t fret about mid day and night offices.

Good luck and God Bless you!


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