Daily Readings Alone - Stand for the Gospel?



I attend a men’s lectio divina group every Saturday. There’s bout 12 men. We read the Sunday readings and stand for the gospel.

try to read the daily mass readings. Should I stand for the gospel reading when I’m alone?


This is a good question. I am curious to see the answer.


The Gospel assures you that credibility by reason of infallibility is correct.


When you are reading alone, you may sit or stand as you prefer/are able. I am used to standing because that’s the tradition I learned. But there’s nothing wrong with sitting while reading it.



You may sit.
Think about it.
Otherwise everyone in Bible study classes would have to attend classes standing when they got to the 4 Evangelists.
You’re over thinking this.
Be at peace.


You are in private prayer, where there are no rules on posture.

Stand. Sit. Kneel. Whatever best allows you to absorb the Word.

If only all Catholics were as committed to Scripture.


In private reading you can sit, stand, kneel, lay prostate or any other posture the Spirit moves you to assume. I was taught to stand when the Gospel is being proclaimed in the liturgy, but it is not required when it is being read even in a non-liturgical group setting.


Thank you everyone for your responses. It is a question I’ve long pondered. Good points were raised by all the answers.


Welcome to the fora.


Hi, Allen!
I think that there are two distinct “readings:” 1) Worship, and 2) Study.

While it would be respectful to stand during both, I don’t think it would be practical to do it while on Bible study/research.

Maran atha!



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