Daily Readings - can we change it?!

Dear all brothers and sisters,

There is a question that I always want to find out, I guess I am a bit lazy here, maybe you guys can help.
Can we choose our own daily reading according to the purpose of the mass? ** By purpose, I dont mean that we have other purpose other than worshiping our only GOD, i rather mean for Exam, in my case. We do host exam mass twice a year, and this coming one will fall with in days. Some has suggested to change the daily reading simply the readings arent “relevant”.

I certainly oppose the idea of changing the readings according to what we want, simply because the daily readings are the word that our God wants to deliever to us, not something that we want or choose to hear. And as yet, I have never experienced a mass that has changed its readings or have different readings to the lectionary’s, except wedding and funeral.

Please advice

Yes, the reading can be changed to fit the occasion. Just tell the celebrating priest what you are commemorating with the Mass. I’m not sure if he chooses the readings or if you can suggest readings, but talk to him about it.

It is not uncommon to change the daily readings for purposes of a children’s liturgy or even a special liturgy…like end of school mass, a funeral or a wedding mass etc. Sunday readings must never be changed however, even if a wedding is celebrated on a Sunday…they must conform to the Sunday readings. If you are part of liturgy team, you may make the selections, but please conform them to first reading taken from the old testament, and second reading from the new testament, A psalm may be selected, and the gospel must be taken from the gospels of John, Luke Mark or Matthew. You can’t substitute a favorite poem or prose story for readings…they must be part of the liturgical form. A good way to find out that you have conformed to all the requirements, is to review your liturgy with the celebrant…that is the priest.

Is there anything written in the cannon about the daily readings?
Who has the authority(or who can make the decision) to change the readings of daily masses? the bishop, the priest or laypeople?

Thanks for the help so far !!!

See the GIRM 356-362, in particular:

In Masses with special groups, the priest is allowed to choose texts more suited to the particular celebration, provided they are taken from the texts of an approved lectionary.

Thank you thats really helpful!!

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