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Where can I find the daily readings for Eastern Catholics? When I searched this online it took me to Russian Orthodox daily readings and Orthodox Church in America’s daily readings. And I realized that these readings were different then the readings for Greek Orthodox even though all of these churches are Orthodox. So I was wondering if there was a website that had the daily readings and the saint days on it for Eastern Catholics (particularly Byzantine Ruthenian). But I also have some few other questions. Do all Eastern Catholics share the same calender for saints and daily readings? Do all Catholics (Eastern and Western) share the same feast days? Are there saints for certain Eastern Catholic rites that aren’t considered a saint in Roman Catholicism and vice versa? Maybe do all Catholics (Eastern and Western) share the same daily readings and saints? I’m kind of confused on the topic so if anyone can help me understand, please post.

Most of the Byzantines share one of two calendars, the difference being a little over a week… Old or New calendar. Readings the same by which calendar across the board, with a few exceptions for feasts added after separations (both schisms and autocephaly).

The other rites, however, I can’t speak to.

Dear Searn, I find the following site very useful for Byzantine Catholic Prayer and daily Scripture Reading in English. I hope it is of some help to you.


Blessings, Doug…

There are also different rules in different Byzantine (both Orthodox and Catholic) churches about the season after Pentecost.

And, of course, the readings for the Feast of St. Nicholas on 6 December are NOT the same as the ones for the Saturday in the 30th (or whatever) week of Pentecost.

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