Daily Reflections of the Little Flower Book?


I’ve made sure to put enough question marks around this thread so that no one gets too excited thinking that I’ve either come to offer Daily Reflections from the Little Flower, or even a book suggestion.

Rather, I am wondering if there exists a book which contains day-by-day, 365 thoughts, prayers, quotations from the Little Flower? If not, then one should definitely be created!

(BTW, I am already aware of littleflower.org’s Daily Reflection – I am just looking for something in book format to read anywhere, anytime.) :slight_smile:


What, like this:

*]http://www.adoremusbooks.com/browseproducts/Through-the-Year-with-Saint-Therese-of-Lisieux.html ?


Yes, thank you! That one is perfect since I also do morning/evening prayers based on the liturgical calendar.

For others reading this thread, I also found this one:



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