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Where is the Presentation of the Lord in the Daily Roman Missal? I cannot find it. Page number only please. Thank you.

Unfortunately, “Daily Roman Missal” can mean anything. There are tons of books that are “Daily Roman Missal” by different publishers and different content. If you insist on a page number, you must provide the ISBN or at least the publisher so that we can be sure we give the right answer.

Since we don’t have that information, it can be answered only in general terms. It’s in the Proper of Saints, for February 2nd. You will need to look up your Table of Contents and find the Proper of Saints.


pp. 1756 if you have the MTF Daily Roman Missal. Porthos11 gave good information on the Proper of the Saints for February 2nd.

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It’s on p. 1756.

So it’s the MTF Daily Roman Missal then.

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Thank you! Wasn’t that simple?

No :laughing:

I struggled with it this morning, thinking it was just the fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. I get the USCCB daily readings on email and knew I was in the wrong place. I even tried to cross reference it off the gospel index and still was wrong. It finally dawned on me to the look in the Propers of the Saints, and well…you know the rest. :church:

Because of this, I’ve made it a point to always check the Proper of Saints both for my Daily Roman Missal and for my Liturgy of the Hours each morning just to verify whether or not there’s something for that day.
Often times for LOTH, I get around to the end of OOR and I notice that there’s a feast day and I have to start over. Better to just check at the beginning of each day.

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It is always best practice to have a copy of your local Ordo and check it before you begin your first Hour of the day.

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Local Ordo? Like the St Joseph’s Guide? I will just flip back (I have a ribbon that moves along with me) and see if there’s something on the day.

Similar but not identical. The local Ordo accounts for local and new celebrations as well.

For example, this is what I use for Canada:

Link to Canadian Ordo 2020

To digress from the topic: Do you have one ordo for the whole of Canada? Don’t you have an ordo for each diocese in Canada?

There is only one Ordo for Canada.

Thank you for that information.

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