Daily Sabah: Trump approves defense budget delaying delivery of F-35 warplanes to Turkey


Probably a wise move.

I wouldn’t give Turkey :tr: anything.

You mean … you don’t want them to have our stealth fighters???

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Nope! (ten characters)

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Such regard for our allies.

If US doesn’t deliver, it should be easy for them to make a deal with Russia for their warplanes. Or China. Turkey has just announced huge tariffs on American cars and other products. US is friendly with the Kurds, who are the enemy of Turkey.

Its simple, if Turkey wanted to be one of our allies, they would be more friendly - they are not. They have imprisoned innocent people of ours for one thing. There has to be a mutual understanding and trust in the mix.

This is why it’s really hard to take Trump criticism seriously. The big reason for the delay is Turkey’s impending purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system. There’s real concern at the Pentagon and among other F-35 partner nations that Russia will be able to leverage Turkey’s ownership of the F-35 to develop counter-measures for the aircraft. So, on the one hand, Trump is a Russian puppet, but on the other, he’s taking positive steps to ensure that the US and NATO maintain technical superiority of Russian defense systems.

Our own pilots could someday experience dodging missiles from those same planes. Turkey is utterly untrustworthy. Erdogan is turning it into a Sunni “Islamic Republic”.


I’m sure China already has the F-35 blueprints … now Russia will receive a few samples.

The F35 hasn’t been delivered so far (don’t know for sure) - just one would be “not good”. How much of our superior technology has been stolen? same answer.

I could be wrong, but I think whenever we deliver some advanced weapon to an ally, it’s a “cut-down” version unless the ally is somebody like Britain, Canada or Australia. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

Even so, I hate to see even a cut down version delivered to Turkey.

ROFL, maybe you missed that they aren’t being such a great ally, at the moment.
If they really want our subsidized fighter planes, maybe they’ll work to be a better ally.

What a fun chicken and the egg situation!

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