Daily Show joke-correspondent Samantha Bee was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross on June 2

Daily Show joke-correspondent Samantha Bee was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross on June 2, as she and Gross giggled over The Daily Show's pro-abortion joke at the last GOP convention, what Gross said was "interviewing people, trying to get them to say the word 'choice,' which you thought had basically been eradicated from their vocabulary." Then, after discussing Bee's teenage habit of stealing cars and selling them and having wild parties, they turned to how it is "pure pleasure" to mock the Catholic Church:
GROSS: You've done a sketch or two satirizing the Catholic church and the pope. And you went to Catholic school...
BEE: I did.
GROSS: ...which you write about in your memoir. So is it hard to satirize the church and the pope having gone to Catholic school?
BEE: Oh heavens no. I'm a lapsed Catholic, Terry, a terribly lapsed Catholic. So it is joyful for me to do that. (Laughter) That is pure pleasure for me, I will say. In fact, I'm working on a piece right now that is related to the Catholic Church and it's fascinating to me. I don't have any of that Catholic guilt. I've worked my way through that. There's none of that left

John stuart and steve colbert are constantly mocking the CC. just the other day john mock the Church by saying that someone was being a cannibal by eating the Body of Jesus. it was not a funny joke.

i quit watching them. i simply dont appreciate their jokes. it has become very prominent lately to use the CC in their jokes.

"none of that Catholic guilt". Translation: no conscience or sense of sin. Anything goes. How sad.

In Christ,


I thought Colbert was supposed to be a devout Catholic???

a devout Catholic?

i dont know about that. all i know is that he is always making funny of Jesus and His Church. mocking God is his favorite subject. i know because i used watch him in the past and stopped because of that.

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