Daily Spiritual Habits


There are certain daily spiritual habits I am looking to implement. I can’t start them all at once, though, as I fear becoming overwhelmed.
Things I would really like to start doing include:

*]Daily mass
*]Morning offering (offering my day to God)
*]Examination of conscience
*]Evangelus prayer
*]Liturgy of the Hours
*]Lectio Divina
*]Reading through the Bible, say starting in Genesis
*]Studying the Catechism
*]Other reading aside from the above. Currently I’m reading The practice of the Presence of God.
*]Divine Mercy Chaplet

Numbers 2 and 4 don’t take much time, nor I guess does #11, very much, but the others definitely demand time and I imagine can be nearly impossible if I try to jump into everything.

I can’t seem to prioritize though, or decide what I should begin first, how many I should start with, and how many I should add after a time.

Currently, I’ve been doing 2, 3, 4, sometimes 5, 9, and 11 most days, but I’m far from regular at any of them.

So, what would you suggest?

Also, I just saw another post, that linked to www.bspenance.org, which also sounds interesting, though it doesn’t say much on day-to-day things, except for the Liturgy of the Hours.


That strikes me as quite an intensive schedule and to start slow is a very good move I think. Have you thought of spreading the schedule over say a week? Some things could be done on a daily basis, the others on particular days.The other thought that occured to me is to be prepared to change things around until you find what will work for you and fit comfortably into your days.

Remember that it is not so much the time spent in prayer as it is time well spent when we are at prayer. And that the duties of your state (I see you are 20yrs of age and a student) can also be a prayer since they are God’s Will for you in your state in life.

May The Lord bless your efforts and grant you increase…Barb:)
Practise of The Presence of God is an excellent book and shows how to keep oneself in The Presence of God in the busiest of distracted days. And as Brother Lawrence does share in that work, at first putting his method into practise can take effort and application, even be difficult - but with perseverance, the fruit of God’s Presence effortlessly with advertance in one’s life and day is the reward.



I read one chapter per day. Two weeks ago I finally reached the New Testament.

I also pray a rosary each day. Sometimes while out on the bicycle.

Weekday mass is a joy :slight_smile: and most likely a lot quicker than a typical Sunday mass.

Concerning time - it will be there. This is because you will find what appeals to you and you will select out the old habits/rituals that do not satisfy your soul.

God bless


And there is also penitents.org

Both groups have a 4 year (not 4 weeks or 4 months) program for membership. Easy Does It, as we say in AA.

The first year is introduction, where some simple spiritual practices are put into place. Not too much, just enough to get you comfortably started, and to see if you like the concept.

Year two is when the prayer life is put into action. Although the LOTH is the preferred prayer, other options can be used with the advice and consent of your spiritual director. But in general you are practicing mortification of time. Prayer time becomes more important then TV, for example.

Year three concerns fasting and absitenance. Mortification of appitite. Learning to eat to live, not live to eat. (Especially in our current fast-food culture.)

Year four simplifies posessions. What do you NEED, as opposed to what you might like or want. Learning to live with a very simple wardrobe that will not be noticed when you wear it. Learning not to “dress to impress”.

The idea is to introduce all this over a 4 year period. Doing it all at once would overwhelm most people, and that would include you and me.


Thanks a lot. I’m interested in something like that, but not sure if I’m interested in the secular order, because I’m looking into the religious order. Do they have something similar? Is there something I can do on my own until then just to try to get more disciplined, that mortification of time, as you put it? I just feel very lazy as things are right now and want to try to improve in that regard.


In that case, priority #1 should be to acquire a good Spiritual Director that you can work with. It may be that you have a vocation in one of the Third Orders. (BSP and CFP are not Third Orders, nor are the connected to the Franciscans.) But a good Spiritual Director will help you to work things out.:yup:

A good place to start would be with your Priest. He probably will not have the time to be your SD, but can give you some leads and advice on getting one.:bible1:


Thanks. I’m in the process of doing that already.

I actually mean the First Order, not the third. I’m looking into it, anyway.

I guess my question is, though I may be interested in such, is it still beneficial to at least try to adopt some parts of that Rule before then, that way I can at least increase my spiritual discipline? Do those in the First Order follow a similar rule? I know they follow a rule, just don’t know how similar it is to this.


I would imagine the various First Orders have their own set of rules.

Still, if you feel you have to start somewhere, try this. Clear it with your Priest or Spiritual Director first. of course. Maybe with your Physician. Fast and abstain every Friday. That’s all, nothing more. :thumbsup:


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