Daily/Sunday Missal

Does anyone know of a place that is selling Sunday missals yet that corresponds to the new Roman Missal?

My old ones have the same readings, but the prayers are different and I enjoy following along…

I haven’t been able to locate any yet, and was wondering if anybody has purchased one…



Thank you very much!

Too expensive for me however, I will have to settle for something a little cheaper.

Go to www.catholicbookpublishing.com and click ‘Missal’ from the index on the left.

all the regular Catholic book publishers and catalogs have been sending out marketing materials for new missals for several months, have you gone to your usualy sources? we purchase for sale in the parish the $2 annual Sunday St. Joseph Missals from Catholic Book PUblisher, distributed by most Catholic catalogs and retailers if you are not up to buying a permanent one.

Daily and Sunday for $60 on amazon. I got one for Christmas.


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