Dairy Queen Commer

Did anyone see Dairy Queen’s Father’s Day commercial? The one with the priest. It was soooo funny!!!

here is a link:



love it :slight_smile:

i emailed it to all my friends!

i was just coming on here to post about it, wondering if it was offensive or not. I think i like it though

So cute!

When I first saw this commercial I was waiting for the “Catholic slam”, but there wasn’t one! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the link, my husband thought it was funny too.

I don’t see how it could be offensive. I loved it!

I love it. I’m thinking of buying my priest a Dairy Queen cake! Should I?

Go for it! I’m going to mass at the Cathedral so I am getting the bishop one of those singing cards!

I thought about it but I was reminded he is a diabetic. I think I’ll jsut send him the youtube link. I couldn’t help but wonder how many rectory freezers will be filled with these.:smiley:

Ditto ours. At least I can say, “Happy Father’s day.”


Now that is funny.

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