Dalai Lama Thinks Europe Has Let In 'Too Many' Refugees



**Mainz, Germany — The Dalai Lama thinks Europe has let in “too many” refugees.

The Tibetan spiritual leader said that “we feel the misery” of each individual refugee and that humans have a “responsibility to help” — but that there are “too many” who have been accepted in Europe.

“Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country. Germany is Germany,” he laughed in an interview published Tuesday with Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. “There are so many.”

The Dalai Lama said that “from a moral standpoint” he thinks refugees should “only be accommodated temporarily” — with the goal of them returning home to rebuild their countries.

Germany took in over 1 million refugees last year from war-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan over the past year.

The influx of migrants and refugees has led to a spike in anti-foreigner sentiment in Germany.**


I don’t know if he is ri9ght about them letting in too many refugees or not but I do agree with him that the goal should be to return them to their countries once peace has been established so that they can help to rebuild their countries.


His views reflect the UN agreement on refugees, an agreement that was well considered and based on the post WW2 refugee crisis.


The problem, I think, is that many refugees don’t seem to intent to go back: rather, they seem to wish to be immigrants, which is quite a different thing.

Christi pax,



Well, he’s definitely not getting an invite to the Vatican now.

He’s right though. While Europe should be as accommodating as it can be to the refugees, the long term strategy must be to rebuild their war torn countries and strive to end the conflicts there. It is a similar situation in US with immigrants from Mexico and Central America, fleeing drug wars and economic collapse. The focus and criticism is all on the US not allowing enough immigrants into the country, not helping these nations get their problems under control.


I could be completely wrong about all of this, but I feel Germany is trying to do good works by taking in all of the refugees. Every human life is precious, and humans have an inherit right to flee tyranny and evil. People have a right to try to protect themselves and their families.

All of this being said, I feel strongly that after the Syrian matter is resolved, great efforts should be made to help the refugees go back. I don’t feel Germany can handle one million refugees along with those in other European countries. This issue will drag all of us down with it otherwise. I never felt that about the Greek “grexit” business nor the US banking / realestate scare, but I do feel we have to all work together on this one.


he speaks wisely in my opinion.


The Dalai Lama is right. While many of the refugees are probably good people, it seems a disproportionately large amount of them are rapists.


Ooooh, we might have to change your name to the Dalai Drama, Mr. Lama.

I agree personally, and I don’t believe for a second the refugees are ever leaving Germany of most of the other countries. Perhaps I am wrong; we will see.


Isn’t he a refugee himself. Should he be forced to go back to Tibet? I understand the need to limit the number of refugees, but how do we decide who gets to stay and who must go back?


The need for affirmation is fascinating. Even on a Catholic forum the Dalai Lama is looked to for moral guidance, as long as he affirms one’s position. Scott Hahn called this phenomena cafeteria Catholicism by coincidence, meaning, that people are Catholic because the Catholic Church matches their standard of what is true. I understand the advantages of a pluralistic society, yet holding ourselves as the standard of truth is a grave danger.

Just the appearance of this article in this forum, as opposed to the non-Catholic forum, concerns me.


There is a clear process with the UN for differentiating economic migrants from ‘refugees’

The problem in Europe is too many economic migrants are crowding out opportunities for actual refugees.


Well said. :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, those who’ve welcomed them haven’t thought it through properly.


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