Dallas diocese housed Ebola victim's fiancée, family [CC]

Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas said that the diocese has housed the fiancée of Ebola virus victim Thomas Eric Duncan, as well as her son and two nephews, for several weeks.The four, …


Very charitable, the ramifications of ebola do remind me a bit of the implications of leprosy.

God Bless Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas. His compassion for this family truly represents what the Catholic Faith is all about.

Peace to all and God Bless.

What would have happened if one of the family had tested positive for Ebola?

Would the retreat center have been gutted or destroyed?

This is good to know - I now know to not go near that retreat center.

I assume they had the center under armed guard to keep people out.

Maybe the bishop could have housed them in his residence.

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