Dallas Officer Reassigned After Alleged Harassment on ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’

Dallas Officer Reassigned After Alleged Harassment on ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’

A Dallas police sergeant was reassigned after two lesbian police officers filed complaints about his “his comments and actions” when he brought a Chick-fil-A sandwich into the office on “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” last week.

Dallas Police Association President Ron Pinkston said Sgt. Mark Johnson of the Dallas Police Department brought a Chick-fil-A sandwich into the briefing room last Wednesday, Fox News reports.

That day, Aug. 1, thousands of people across the country went to Chick-fil-A to support President Dan Cathy’s comments backing traditional marriage.
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In all fairness, you don’t know exactly what he said. However, if he only brought in the sandwich and said that he didn’t support same-sex marriage (or something similar to that), I don’t see why the women had any right to get him reassigned.

Yeah - we will have to wait and see for all the details.

This kinda reminds me though of little kids - “Mom, he is looking at me”.

If it does turn out that he only bought the sandwich or made a comment about not supporting same-sex marriage, I’m going to lock myself away and cry. It’s not really any good me supporting these people when they don’t help themselves. :smiley:

If he just brought the stuff in, I don’t see a problem-but if he brought it in and made some big speech that had no business in the workplace that’s different.

Most Liberals in a nutshell.

Like I said, you don’t know what the man said therefore you don’t know whether it was a just reassignment or not. If a work colleague of you came in one day announcing that Catholics were bad people, insulting Jesus and using derogatory terms, I’m sure you’d be offended. I think you can make comments like this after we know for sure that the man hadn’t said anything overly offensive.

I probably wouldn’t be happy, but I don’t think I would run to momma. We do have free speech in this country.

The workplace is not the forum for some discussions. If the context of said discussion create a hostile work environment for me, then yes-I’m saying something about it.

I don’t expect people to keep their opinions to themselves in a public arena, but the workplace is different. I can leave a website, or a party or any other place where the discussion becomes something I don’t want to deal with. I can’t just walk out of my office.

So now the guy has to avoid buying chicken from his favorite place? Or hide the wrapper?

Take you “I love Jesus” stickers off your bumper too. Make sure you do not have a rosary hanging anywhere in your cubicle. :tsktsk:

Unknown in this if the homosexuals were instigating him.

Again, we don’t know what happened. If he brought his sandwich in and they took that as an insult then he’s been wronged. If, however, the sandwich came along with a speech about how evil and disgusting his co-workers were, then he deserved it. If the women goaded him into some kind of inappropriate response, then they should be the ones punished-but again, we don’t know.

Many of my co-workers have religious items in their work areas-signs or whatever-but they don’t preach sermons during the workday. We do not listen to religious radio stations. There are Bible Studies on property, but they are held during lunch breaks. I have my Bible on my iPad and am free to read it-silently-during my breaks. I can carry my 10 bead rosary in my pocket and use it-but taking it out would probably not be my best idea.

Like it or not, the workplace is a religiously neutral environment and we do need to respect the feelings of others.

I think my cubicle is starting to look like a chapel…

It’s kinda cool.

I want to know what was said.

There’s a difference between being proud of your Christianity/annoucing that you’re a Christian and saying derogatory things about homosexuals.

Or anyone else who doesn’t believe as you do.

And we do not know if either was the case here.

Quite true.

Anything more reported on this?


The Daily Mail seems to have more information.

The female officers say Johnson, a 12-year-veteran of the force, set the Chick-fil-A bag directly in front of them and made pointed remarks about where he chose to go for lunch…

Later that same day at a meeting, the two officers said Johnson stared directly at them when he read an announcement about police coverage for the ‘Kiss Mor Chiks’ protests planned by gay marriage advocates, that was held August 3.
The officers said they were offended by his attention toward them and left the meeting early.

[LEFT]It would appear the actual complaints are not provable one way or the other.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]About the only thing certain is that he ate at Chick-Fil-A.
And apparently the female officers did not appreciate it.[/LEFT]

Whining - “Mom, he is looking at me”.

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