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There is some kind of debate about mary on cbs news 11 tonight at 10pm. we have about 15 minutes!



It went like this.

First cbs said catholics have always had devotion for Mary. Then said some have even deified her by calling her co-redemptrix.

Then they said that many many protestants are repelled by any outward devotion that they may feel takes away from the devotion to God.

Then there was a brief interview with a methodist theology professor from SMU who claims he saw a vision of Mary at a site holy for catholics. She had an outstreatched arm and said “come to me my son and I will lead you home.”

Then there was a brief interview with two cradle catholics who are now evangelical christians claiming that you can’t pray to a dead saint and that your relationship is with christ alone.

Then there was an interview with a catholic theology professor who said catholics do not worship Mary who is a creature and do not deify her by calling her co-redemptrix. This is true because she said “let it be done to me according to your word.” Had she not done the will of God Christ would not have come among us.

Then cbs said that many protestants are having more respect for Mary these days. Because it is hard to get around the fact that she is mother of God if you confess the divinity of Christ.

Then it said catholics and protestants disagree about many things but all of them that we interviewed said they should face their disagreements with brotherly love and a love for Christ.

Then it said there is one thing that they do agree on and that is that Mary is a very special lady.

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