Damaged altar linens


Good morning.
I am Jesus’ laundress at my parish, meaning I wash and iron the altar linens. What a job!
Anyway, some of the purificators have small holes in them and look shabby. Although they are used to wipe the cup of the Precious Blood of Christ during the mass, and are usually not unfolded by most Eucharistic Ministers (to expose the holes), they seem very undignified in the company of our Lord’s sacrifice.
Is it okay to continue using them? Or should I present them to the pastor for disposal. (The only reason I haven’t done this already is that he is brand new to our parish and I’m reluctant to overwhelm him with something that may not be very high on his list of priorities.) Thank you for your help!


I think it would be fine to draw his attention to it and ask what he wants to do with them. That doesn’t strike me as the type of extra concern that would be overwhelming to a new pastor.


Thank you! That’s reassuring. I think that’s what I’ll do.


Toss them and get some new linens. Things wear out. These linens are not sacramentals.


Thanks! I appreciate your input.


I will tell you what I saw our head Sacristan do, when she saw a hole she ripped it even bigger so that when she washed it she’d know to not iron it and put it with the others linens. After it was properly cleaned she disposed of it.


Wow! I like her spunk! Thank you for sharing that!


Well she is the ONLY one who washes, irons, replaces and tends to them so she does what she can to remember what to do with damaged ones.


I’m the only one, too, although there is a sweet lady who will sub for me. I am reluctant to make that call, since I don’t know the budget for replacing such things. If Father is okay with using them, then I feel I should trust his judgement. That being said, I would LOVE to learn to make these linens if I could find a nice linen (just simple hems and a bit of embroidery) and then I won’t feel bad when it’s time to replace them.


They really are not that expensive if you look around. Our Ladies Altar Society provides the $$$ for the altar linens at our Church. That’s what we pay dues for and take donations for as well as candles and other things needed in the Church.


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