Damning Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish while in transit

Damning Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish while in transit

Oct. 29, 2020 - 2:06 - Documents received by ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Hunter Biden disappear during shipment to Los Angeles


FoxNews #Tucker

Tucker: Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish


Published on Oct 28, 2020

Tucker Carlson claims documents his team sent through a mail service regarding Hunter Biden suddenly went missing. #FoxNews #Tucker

Reminds me of a lawyer telling me to lock down, secure important documents for court cases. If not they could be stolen by the opposition. As scandalous as this situation is for Presidential candidate Biden, I’m not surprised that such documents were stolen. Hope the source that gave the documents has other copies to share.



This is just made up attempts at an October surprise.

I got 58 emails overnight from Republicans asking for money. Desperate.


I’ll wait for some evidence that this actually happened.


Well, I heard what Tucker explained. Given the political atmosphere, entirely possible. No need for a conspiracy. If a staunch Democrat working in the facility sees a package for Tucker and Fox News. It is entirely possible that the person would open the package and remove the contents, not even knowing what is inside.

They carrier is investigating this. If he names the carrier, then this would be damaging to the carrier. I think it proper not to name the them for the intentions of one person.

I have received opened packages a few times. This is not something that never happens.

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Random person in the internet. Do you have evidence that Tucker is lying? Or are you pre-judging him? Because we will be judge like we judge others.


Wow what a surprise - its a fake story always has been.

Funny how a laptop repair guy on the other side of the country ends up with this laptop. He then unusually violated customer trust and copies the whole thing and tells New York’s ex-mayor about it. They sit on it months, try to get the WSJ to run a story on it, but the WSJ doesn’t find it credible. Then they start revealing stuff on their own. But the laptop and raw data isn’t available for anyone to review. Meanwhile pictures of emails that look almost as if they’ve been photoshopped begin to be released, and then lewd photos taken from a social media account begin to appear.

All a very sound case against Hunter and Joe Biden. The disappearance of the documents before their release must be a democrat conspiracy and not evidence it was almost entirely fabricated to start with.

I’m not going to venture into possible calumny, but if they sent these docs unsecured and didn’t have copies or back ups, it was an incredibly stupid thing to do.


I wonder why someone with a MacBook wouldn’t bring it to Mac support and also why isn’t a backup available on iCloud?

Why wouldn’t the person schlepping everything to Tucker not have backed it up?


If only there were some way to send already digital information to someone without using paper…


Do you have evidence that some “staunch Democrat working in the facility” stole these alleged documents? Or are you pre-judging democrats that work for the freight carriers? Because we will be judged like we judge others.

I said that it is possible due to the political atmosphere. I did not say that is what happened. Why did I chose to say Staunch Democrat? Because the hate and divisions from political parties are very pronounced. I highly doubt that a Republican would have done this to Tucker. The package was opened, and content removed. I do not believe a conspiracy that Democrats would had operatives in the company looking to “remove” evidence.

So, I watched the clip. This is laughable.

What Tucker didn’t say is whether they scanned the documents before they sent them. If they didn’t, and they don’t have copies, then I think it’s not credible at all. If they do have copies, who cares. Show us the documents.

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The laptop repair guy is on the East Coast and Hunter abandoned the computer by not paying for the repair in 90 days and picking up the computer. The repair guy then gains ownership of said laptop. When the repair guy started to go through the laptop he saw suspected child porn. He called the FBI and turned everything over to them. As usual they did nothing.

He then went to Rudy Giuliani and the story comes out. The photos are not what is important, it’s the emails and documents that are. As the Bidens and the left deny all of this, calling none other than “Russian collusion” Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner who has all the proof needed to show all of this is exactly what it looks like, corruption on the part of the Biden family with old Joe being right in the middle of it.

You can be sure there are many copies of these documents around.

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Then they shouldn’t be hard to produce.


It’s only the Dems saying they can’t be produced. If this was just a hoax or a scam, why is social media erasing any trace of it whenever it’s mentioned?

Apparently, it is like you said, there are a number of copies intact and posdibly, original documents too.

Are they shipping documents physically? Why didn’t they do an encrypted electronic transmission instead? Electronic data is easily replicated. How would it be lost?

Dan Bongino


Says found, intact, UPS admits to losing them but may be found now per reports.

Update: UPS revealed Thursday afternoon that they have located the missing documents intended for Carlson after an “extensive search.”

“After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return. UPS will always focus first on our customers, and will never stop working to solve issues and make things right,” A spokesperson said.

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