Damning report reveals lack of oversight at abortion provider Marie Stopes


In two centres, clinicians were signing between 30 and 60 permission forms at a time

Serious problems have been uncovered at Marie Stopes International, the provider of a third of UK abortions.

A new 50-page report from the watchdog the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that there was a lack of oversight and training, potentially putting women at risk.



And this is why I visit this forum. You rarely see these stories mentioned by the traditional big names of news.


That’s true, but today in the UK it was one of the leading stories on the ITN news.

“Abortion provider Marie Stopes put women at risk”


When will women realize abortion “providers” are just there to take your money and as one woman said who was upset after her abortion, usher you quietly out the back door if you are so as not to disturb the other women.

It’s not womens “care” at all.



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