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The band front is doing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance again this year, even tho I asked them not to after explaining how I was very unhappy with the bump and grind, shake and exploit type of ‘dance’ they do. I feel very alone in this. Everyone else is either oblivious to the sinful aspects of this, or burying their heads in the sand. I really feel strongly that there is no need for these types of moves promoted and approved by the school. The instructor cleaned it up a little, but not much. I did my part, but no one else will get involved. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


You are right…but maybe they really don’t see anything wrong with it…Remember what some might see it as horrible others might see it as art? I know that my daughter joined the cheer squad this year and even though I have seen the dances cheerleaders do now-a-days, I know the physical need for her is a must and I have to just remind her and try to continue with the love of GOD in our lives and hope that such things don’t really influence her…I think dancing is just that, dancing a form of relieving stress, getting in shape and moving to the grove! LOL I don’t see it as a negative thing and I too dance up a storm with my daughter…

Maybe you can make an additional request on changing the moves of the dance? That could be a possibility, add more modern moves that are not really you know, what makes you so uncomfortable?


My 14 year old son came home from his first homecoming dance last month. He said, “Mom, they were all dancing like they were humping each other. I just couldn’t do it!”


Yeah when I was growing up everyone danced like that, with the bootie music and all we never danced with the guys like that, we danced with guys but nothing like that at all…lol… I have seen things change quite a bit in a short period of time!!


Nothing is worth making yourself do sexually suggestive moves that your conscience doesn’t agree with. And people or groups (trainers, bands, school authorities) have no right to use guilt trips to make you comply (as in you’re not being part of the group, you’re making things difficult etc.).


Have to boast here. The rest of that story is that the girl my son took to the dance ditched him for his “friend.” My son spent most of the night in the lobby. Took him quite a while to sort all that out. But, as with all his good choices, there have been prices. Both our boys are like that… I give thanks to God every day for them! :slight_smile:


That’s why before I go to a dance in female company, I make sure the company won’t ditch me for another dood or a suddenly developed headache. Last time I had such company was… was… errr… Ice Age? :stuck_out_tongue:


We actually had a rule in my high school that all dance moves by either the band, dance team, cheerleaders, senior skit day, etc., had to be clean and non-suggestive. I’m a bit surprised that this isn’t the case here.


The principal is by his own admission a Catholic Christian and has to approve all dance and costumes and he finds these perfectly acceptable. I almost asked him how much porn is on his pc and how much mtv he watches, because that is where these moves come from. It is very lonely being the only one trying to keep decency in dance.


So if someone likes the Thriller dance moves they must watch porn and find MTV a great channel? I don’t think so. I understand that you’re upset about (I assume you’re in the band) being asked to participate in a song/dance that you find suggestive but many others (myself included) don’t take these moves this way. If you watch the original music video the moves are performed by people in zombie outfits. Now, if your classmates are grossly enhancing these moves to make them as sexually explicit as possible, then I understand your concern and agree that perhaps another song/dance should have been selected. But if everyone is following the moves as originally done, then I understand why the Principle would have okay’d this.


I am mother to one of the girls and the moves are not the zombie moves but the cat dance moves that are very sexualized. My dd is not comfortable doing them and refused.


You are wise. My son figured that one out finally. He says he is doing the same next time! :slight_smile:


Thank you. Your son figured it out earlier than I did then. Works well in dating, too. If a girl stands you up and offers no apology, or changes plans in the last minute, or decides he/she is not in the mood, then she is probably not much into you. That, or just too self-centred to think how you’re going to feel, which is common these times. I’ve had to put up with a lot of that, well, at least when I was still chasing girls. Perhaps you might want to warn him that one’s got to be careful with those loyal lady friends who won’t leave you on the floor because when they’re just friends, it’s fine, but if they fall for you and you don’t… You’d prefer to shoot yourself in the leg than to hurt someone who’s like a sister to you.

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