Dance/Trance music festival's?

I’m a big music lover and one of my favorite genre’s is dance, trance, house music etc The thing is that this music is designed for night club’s and music festival’s such as Tomorrow-land. I was wondering are there any other Catholic’s who participate by attending such places without feeling morally compromised. The common behavior at these place is binge drinking, drug’s, casual sex and just in general people who are either out of their head’s on drug’s and drink behaving in an infantile way. These are also place’s where women for example feel the need to wear as little as possible similar to what you may see on dance music video’s. I do love heading out for the craic with mate’s and i love this music but i also sort of feel out of place internally during period’s being in a club just seeing certain thing’s for example.

In Ireland bar’s and club’s are probably the most common places people attend at the weekend, some people just have this sort of live for the weekend mentality. Anyway as i was asking are there any other Catholic’s who attend these place’s and enjoy this sort of music? and is what i’m feeling something that i should get over or is this my Catholic conscience revealing the red flag’s, and if so does this mean i unable to enjoy these social places fully the way other’s do who just forget about the issues i mentioned above.

With dance festival’s they are just more extreme version’s of the club scene due to it lasting several day’s rather than several hour’s

I suppose if you dance for God with gratitude in your heart you could make it a sanctifying experience and an opportunity to praise God.

I have to share that I used to enjoy those things. I dated a man who was in a Grateful Dead cover band. It all was fine and dandy for a while but eventually it bit me in the behind. I began to compromise ever so slightly, bit by bit, and found myself sinning with the rest. Then I came under some real demonic oppression. I even suspected being cursed by witches, who seem to frequent those places. After much internal and external torture I had to go to a priest and a conference for deliverance. I no longer go to those places except if I go with a group of very faithful Christians.

Catholics would certainly be compromising themselves big time if they do not see what is happening at these festivals (what you described above). Being before the Blessed Sacrament for them would do these misguided people the great good that they are not enjoying.

My two young adult sons (18 and 20 at the time) went to a Ferry Corsten club concert up in Dallas, and were of course, surrounded by people who were drunk or got drunk over the course of the night, and/or were high on whatever (pot, ecstasy). And my younger son was able to see Deadmau5 (DJ) here, and confirmed the same behavior, including the scantily dressed (but hardly attractive) females.

I think you need to be fully aware that you might be approached by said females who are drunk and/or high, and whose inhibitions, if they have any to start with, are lowered so that they will be doing anything that pops into their intoxicated heads. I think you need to have a plan so that when/if this happens you won’t be taken by surprise and tempted.

I would say that at least a club is slightly less drugged-out than a rave - at least there is some supervision and bouncers for the ones who can’t keep it together. Music festival - like a daytime rave - around the clock clubbing - again, lots of drugs, lots of booze, and people doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing. A lot harder to keep that many people under any sort of supervision or control, although at least there are aid stations for the ones who freak out or pass out or black out.

If you can keep yourself “pure” and clean, I’d say you should be fine - IOW YOU aren’t committing any sins. It’s a pity that the music is associated with that kind of atmosphere. I enjoy it myself but I just play it in the car. :slight_smile: WAY too ancient to even go to a club. I’d like to keep what’s left of my hearing, thanks.

I would feel extremely uncomfortable in such an environment. My sisters are both involved in those sorts of festivals and I really worry about them when they go because of some of the boorish behavior and violence that tends to take place. They say that they just go for the music and they don’t partake of the other stuff, but I still worry about their safety while they’re there. I doesn’t seem to me like it would be too out of the ordinary for someone to hurt them intentionally or unintentionally during sone of these events. Without even calling into question whether or not your purchase of a ticket at these festivals is supporting this sort of behavior, I would advise you to seek your craic in a more tame environment like a dance club or a party being thrown by reasonable people who can listen to music and have a little to drink without turning into a bunch of psychos.

@ Paddy1989

hello pal

for what its worth,i used to go to all the raves back in the 90s in manchester,hacienda.bowlers even in the middle of farmers fields…

it was probably the best scene at the time to go. honestly it was fantastic,acid music was the go then.

then i used to go to the dance scene from the late 90s to early 2000 ibiza,amsterdam,aya napa ect.all over Europe, same again brilliant.

but i had to see a psychologist for the price of doing so.

i don’t need to go into detail about how it all works,but believe me it took me years to get myself some thing like afterwards.the posts above say it well.but believe me you see the dark side of it i know because you say your catholic conscience is working overtime.

i have taken away twenty years of my life in the process.i was a zombie,nothing more nothing less.

but one thing that stays in my heart is that i knew Jesus never left me,it was me who ignored him…

im truly sorry to him for my actions.but one thing is for sure i will not let go of his hand any more.

to sum it all up,sorry for rambling on. i would try sport or some other way of entertainment.i know its hard a person your age but try it.

btw… is it the gathering at the moment in Ireland at the moment ?

all the very best to you,keep the footprints prayer in your pocket. :thumbsup:

Yes i agree, i often wonder what such places would look like without drink and drug’s, it’s obvious though that these thing’s are needed to allow people to kind of loose themselves without feeling self conscious, this is generally why people get drunk at such places. The drug’s are used to create an artificial high. I often look at youth 2000 to being an alternative but to me it’s just seem’s similar to the evangelical hand’s up in the air sort of stuff and the Catholic/christian pop music is of no interest to me. I just wonder could this music be adapted to a more Catholic atmosphere where there isn’t the big issue’s i mentioned.

Also unfortunately MANY of these scantily dressed women are very attractive, it place’s like these where women often look even better than usual because of the amount of time they put into their appearance so the temptation is definitely there, every man at these place’s who is single at least will feel such temptation at times

The problem is that this sort of thing doesn’t exist. Dance club’s here are just really nightclub’s that do all of thing’s i mentioned, house parties are less common and are more aimed for after a night out at a bar or club where all the said stuff continues. If you didn’t attend these place’s (bar’s/club’s/festival’s) at all you would have little to no social life

I respectfully disagree. I’ve been to your neck of the woods and observed young people engaged in all manner of socialization, most of which was loud, wild, tipsy, and completely legal and harmless. Perhaps you need to reconsider your circle of influence? New aquaintances might be able to tell you where the cool kids hang out.

I assume what you mean here is that is this the big thing here in Ireland, to attend such places? If that was what you meant then yea it is but this has kind of always been the case and it also seem’s to be this way across Europe, don’t know if it’s this way in the US aswell. I already do thing’s throughout the week, football, gym, jujitsu. It’s just as i said these place’s are the social area’s for the weekend, as i said in the post above that if i didn’t attend any of these place’s at all then i would have little to no social life especially at the weekend. Some of these place’s are less immoral than other’s though, a bar or theme bar may not be as bad as a club and a club won’t just be as bad as an all out dance festival but yea anyway i’m sure you understand why my conscience is troubles at time’s.

Thank’s for revealing your experience, i’m glad you got through it ok, i know this might sound silly but i feel that if i avoided such place’s altogether dramatically decreasing social activity i would later regret it. I would love it if there was such place’s only with a more Catholic atmosphere if you like of just social interaction, social drinking and dance/trance/house music

What activities though?

Yes, that wouldn’t interest my sons either, the evangelical-type of concert.

You think maybe my son was playing down how some of the girls really ARE attractive??? :wink: Well he’s pretty honest so I’m sure some of them are skanks…but maybe not all of them…

Be careful, enjoy the music.

i know this might sound silly but i feel that if i avoided such place’s altogether dramatically decreasing social activity i would later regret it.

you do what you have to do paddy.

im not trying to take anything away from you at all.but,regret what exactly?? how do you know that you will regret something you have not done…if you mean regretting seeing all the scantily girls in their dress or no dress,or listening to music to be put into a trance then,thats why you are attracted to the place.

humans have a tendency of a togetherness in numbers.this sort of place gives you that sort of feeling.

go for it,just don’t do the dark side of it,for i know you are a good soul,if not you would not be interested in other peoples opinions of a matter like this.

they are good places to be i admit that,but be the person your parents brought up,not what how somebody lives…

i would not like to wear the shoes you are wearing at your age again,lololol… all i can do is say have a good time in what ever you are doing.and dont harm yourself or others…

and GOD BLESS you indeed… you parents should be proud of you for talking and being so open and honest about these things… :):thumbsup:


Ask the Holy Spirit, again and again, as to where you can be to find peers who would, by their focus, uphold the values you need for your soul to be saved.

“Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly…” (a line I remember from a child’s book of poems.)

Thank you. As for rejecting it, i just meant the social aspect to it, the music i love, the craic with the lad’s etc. I wonder what is it that other Catholic’s and Christian’s in general do at the weekend because i’ve certainly never seen one here

Yea ok, the thing is there already is such people because of youth 2000, my only issue with it is what i mentioned above, that it seem’s very similar to an evangelical hand’s up in the air sort of event with cheesy music. Fair play to those who love it, it’s just that it isn’t my scene.

Do you know that FOR SURE??? There could be many professing Christians and baptized Catholics at a trance concert, but you’d never know it unless you asked. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that…Maybe they aren’t conservative Catholics or traditional or whatever label you use, but unfortunately many times you can’t tell the difference between a baptized Catholic and a “heathen” just by watching their behavior…


I suppose you could be right, i’m just judging it based on the women i have talked to at these place’s. Also because going to a place like this affect’s my conscience in that i am aware of many thing’s that are immoral then i’m sure other Christian’s would be the same which would be off putting to them and therefore why few if any attend. I just wonder where they go to at the weekend’s

dont stop going out and socialising in the pubs,if you want to do that …then why not?

see if any of your friends like pin bowling/pictures/restaurants/pubs…

there are four things to do… once a week thats a month…

how about courting?platonic or serious?

only suggestions,im not a dating agency lol. neither is this forum…

im sure what ever you do it will be of a good choice.

God bless you paddy and keep up the good work…:thumbsup:

I do like doing it, i just feel uncomfortable internally at time’s at these place’s probably due to my Catholic conscience telling me something, i was just wondering if other Catholic’s attend place’s like this and do they ever feel the same. As for courting, well i’ve met a few women at these places, it never really kicked off with any though as we weren’t compatible but they were still generally nice like so i hope the best for them. Thank you.

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