Dancing in the Church

I have read in here that the priest and the community are not allowed to make any changes in the Liturgy. Our community here in the Paranaque (philippines), has a distinct tradition of little girls dancing during easter in honor of the Virgin. This is normally done after the communion and before the final blessing. Is this practice acceptable then?

Interesting. I’m a new convert in the neocatechumenal way & during our Eucharist we are encouraged to gather and dance around our alter in celebration of the blessing God has given us. We have an ordained priest who celebrates the Eucharist for us and he is really enthusiastic about us dancing and celebrating. Even our Bishop encourages it.

You are correct, that no changes can be made in the Liturgy.

There is a Conference of Catholic Bishops for various parts of the world.
Here is a link to yours - cbcponline.net/

It is always best to contact your own Countries Conference to find out if they got special permission (an indult) from the Vatican to make any changes that might allow dancing.

Due to the possiblity of indults, it is always best to find out from your own Country’s Bishops.

In the USA, dancing during the Mass is not permitted.

it depends
if it is a tradition for that place and those people, perhaps
in Christian charity, assume that it is, and that it has the bishop’s approval, until you have definite proof otherwise.

No. I can happen before or after Mass, but not during.

We Filipinos have many traditional dances, but none have ever been used as a form or worship unlike in Africa where tribal dancing has been their form of worship prior to Christianity. So there is no reason that dancing in this case is acceptable as inculturation. Its quite possible that some aboriginal tribes in the Philippines may do dance worship, but definitely not those in Paranaque which is a suburb city of Manila.

Again for complete accuracy, contact the Bishop Conference of your own Country, to insure that no indults (special permission from the Vatican) have been given.

For the sake of clarity the dance in the neocatechumenal way is done after the “ite missa est,” so it is no longer inside the mass.

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