Dancing With The Stars--anyone watching this season?

Just curious to see if there’s any other dancing fans. I have watched the show from season 1, but I think it’s starting to go too “hip hop” and falling a bit away from the traditional ballroom that it started with. I prefer the traditional ballroom dancing, but I’m just watching for entertainment, and I really do enjoy seeing the show.

I have watched a few seasons…

I am definately watching this season… I am getting a kick out of watching Donny Osmond.

Donny definitely has the entertainment factor. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way, so to speak, though. I enjoyed watching Marie Osmond when she was on, even though she wasn’t really that great of a dancer… But I get a laugh out of watching some of Donny’s antics backstage and during rehearsals.:smiley:

I’m really surprised, but I’m actually enjoying watching Kelly Osborne. And I didn’t know who Louie Vito was before the show, but I’m enjoying watching him and Chelsie.

Donny was my first crush… so I am pulling for him. :slight_smile:

The little guy that is going to the olympics for snow boarding… he is adorable.

Mya…Mia… whoever she is… she is really good.

I think its a good group. Its fun to watch.

I was disappointed that sweet, Christian, pro-life Kathy Ireland was such a dreadfully inept dancer; I would have liked to see her do well. I do rather like Donny, though I think his sister was nuts.

I was disappointed that Kathy Ireland had to leave so early as well. I think that her professional partner could have done a lot more to show off Kathy’s strengths, and he just didn’t know how to choreograph that way. She is naturally elegant (though not necessarally graceful) and she’s so tall that he could have done a lot to show that off. His choreography is too much the same for all of his celebrities. I really enjoyed watching Kathy during the rehearsal videos, and she seemed like she was enjoying her time on the show.

Looks like Donny is still doing good!

I really like this group… good season. Alot of good ones.

Did you all get a kick out of the disco group dance… I thought it was cute.

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