Dancing with the Stars

Please tell me I’m not the only one who likes this show. I’ve seen so many posts for other shows!
We’ve not had TV for years, and for years before ditching it we only watched the Food Network and EWTN, so I haven’t seen anything prime time for ages.
But, my husband started streaming this for us a couple of months ago and I really enjoy it!
The women’s outfits could use more material, but for the most part it’s pretty enjoyable, not raunchy, and the humor is pretty good and clean.
So, do any of you watch it, and if so, who are your rooting for this time?

I love the dancing and have watched the first two seasons but this season there is no one I especially like…but I do tune in often…

I also watch ‘So You think you Can Dance’ it should be on soon .
Next week or two I think…

I am also a fan, as is Maria, one of the office managers at my workplace. She and I always talk about the show the next day. We both seem to be favoring Apolo and Julianne this season. Their paso doble this week was awesome!!!


I admit it - I like it too. It is one of the few clean and family shows you can watch. People working hard to accomplish a goal and really humble and grateful even when its their time to go.

This season - I found the judges to be very harsh in their comments rather than constructive to the contestants and their coaches. Sometimes they don’t even agree on what they are looking for and are totally opposite of each other - and yet they still score it about the same.

Agree about Apolo and Julianne. She is only 18 and this is her first time coaching but her routines are choreographed fantastically. They should make it to the top, but they are all so good at this late stage it’s anybody’s guess.

Also - you ever notice how different the music is for each dance? Seems like if you have a latin tango or samba - thats the kind of music you want - sometimes those arrangements are so weird = I wonder if you can pick it - or if it is just the luck of the draw.

I watch it every week, and now my wife watches it too. I would be for anybody but Laila Ali and her partner. She’s a decent dancer, but seems to have a very superioristic attitude. Maybe it runs in the family since her father was the “greatest”, at least in his own eyes. I do enjoy the show, but the judges seem to be really vulgar this year.

I was wondering when someone would start a thread on Dancing With The Stars! I’ve been watching this show since it’s first season.

My favorite to win: Apolo & Julianne
My favorite overall: Joey & Kim

I had a lot of hope for Ian & Cheryl, but I think he came in this season with the wrong attitude, and he seems to be overly-serious! Of course, Laila & Max are terrific, too!

I also think that this year, the judges are harsh. Seems to be that way also on AI.

I watched the show the first season … and, noted all were dressed relatively modestly except the couple who won, initially. When that winner was challenged, another performance by the two finalists showed both female dancers wearing less clothes.

It has progressed to very little, and very sexy outfits especially in the Latin dances. I started watching the second season and refuse to watch it now. While I understand that the Latin dances by nature are more sensuous, this, to me, has become ‘soft porn’. We have become desensitized to near-nudity. Whatever happened to modesty? This does not mean dressing frumpy! It means dressing with dignity.

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