Dangerous, Legal, and All Too Frequent


Hillary Clinton said: “Our core beliefs and values can guide us in
reaching our goal of keeping abortion safe, legal and rare into the
next century.” issues2000.org/Social/Hillary_Clinton_Abortion.htm

The “safe, legal and rare” slogan is often parroted by politicians who
vote against any effort to guarantee fully informed consent, or set
reasonable limits on abortion marketing and services.

So, why do politicians say “rare” if they don’t really mean it? Simply
put, most voters believe in a minimal respect for human life and they
don’t support unlimited abortion on demand. The three word combination
sounds balanced, and it tests well in polls and focus groups.

Although many American voters can understand one “mistake”, repeat
abortions raise eyebrows. Half of all abortions are performed
on a woman who has already received this heavily-marketed surgery.
Repeat abortions are profitable, frequent and increasingly harmful to
a woman’s health.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “To sin by silence when they should protest
makes cowards of men.”

Next time a politician parrots “safe, legal and rare,” write a letter
asking for his specific proposals to make abortion “rare.”

First, the politician will probably say he supports tax-payer
sponsored birth control in public schools.

This approach won’t solve anything, however. Condoms are by no means
foolproof, even when used as directed. Passing condoms to seventh
graders would inadvertently encourage sex at a younger age. What’s
more, millions of teenagers already know the dangers of “unprotected
sex” and they decide not to use birth control.

Second, the politician will probably mention adoption incentives as a
panacea to the problem.

He won’t tell you that abortion providers agressively market a
competing (and often more compelling) set of incentives: "Why put up
with embarrassment, scandal,
and painful childbirth only to give your baby to a virtual stranger?
Come to the trusted confidants. We will never judge you. Mistakes
happen, and we’re always here when you need us. "

It’s time for straight forward talk and meaningful action. Repeat
abortions hurt and kill millions of American women.

Abortion also denies the human dignity of unborn children. We’re made
in the image of God and God reaffirmed human dignity when the word
became flesh and dwelt among us.

Politicians who use the word “rare” have no real intention of
upsetting the status
quo. It’s no surprise that abortion providers continue giving money to
politicians who use this word in public speeches. Even they
know it’s disingenuous rhetoric.


[quote=mft1234]Hillary Clinton said: “Our core beliefs and values can guide us in reaching our goal of keeping abortion safe, legal and rare into the next century.”

This is one of the clearest indicators that abortion is not actually a right. What other right do people possess do we set a goal of rarely exercising? Do we rarely want people to speak freely? Do we rarely want people do be able freely practice their religion?

– Mark L. Chance.


[quote=mlchance]…What other right do people possess do we set a goal of rarely exercising… – Mark L. Chance.

How about the right to self-defense? How about ‘just war theory’–a right akin to self-defense inuring to a nation instead of an individual? Neither is less legitimate simply because we hope not to have to exercise it often.

The problem with the abortion rights argument is that individuals do have the right to control their fertility and reproduction–even our Holy Church recognizes as much. It just doesn’t legitimize murder as a means to that end. The right can be exercised very effectively and legitimately through abstinence–both within and outside of wedlock–as well as through NFP techniques. But, of course, that requires self-discipline, control and sacrifice–not something that holds much appeal to those who honor pleasure, immediate gratification and the pursuit of happiness above all else.


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