Dangers of Literal Interp.


Over the break, my son and I drove up to the Mount Carmel, Branch Davidian massacre site, outside Waco, Texas. We walked the grounds, and could hear survivor-Davidians listening to their pastor in a small church built on the ruins. A rebel-Davidian issued literature on the county road leading up to the site. She claimed to have known Koresh, and described at length the crazy theology of the Davidians. It all stemmed from their fringe, extremist interpretations of the Bible, deep in the ‘Bible-Belt’ of central Texas. We could feel the fanaticism inherent to the environment in our gut. It was eerie. We were glad to leave, and thanked God, once again, that we are Catholic.:eek:


See, this is what happens when people try to interpret Scripture without the lens of the only Church founded by Christ Himself.


May I correct you?

This is what **CAN **happen when people try to interpret Scripture without the lens of the only Church founded by Christ Himself.

Don’t forget, there are numerous Christians that study their way into the Church.


That’s fair, I stand corrected.

I’m still reeling from a special on the “Endtimes” that I watched yesterday. It was astounding to see all of these people attempt divination of the future using the books of the Prophets and Revelation. Needless to say, none of them were Catholic. Even my non-Catholic husband was shaking his head.


Yes, the Endtimes and all that. People search the Scriptures and come up with *infallible *predictions on when it will come about.

And yet they forget the key verse, “But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” (Matthew 24:36).

Go figure!


I’m not sure if you remember the same type of situation happened with Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple. He apparently started out as a committed Christian in the midwest but soon left those Christian truths and began demanding he be worshiped as God. He eventually lead his followers in the late 70’s to Guyana, South Africa where he had a cult of sorts and after a number of Senators or Congressman went to investigate him Jones’ followers passed out and drank grape juice laced with cyonide (and gave it to the poor children too) and it became a mass suicide, Jones committed suicide with a gun. I have a friend who’s relative was part of that following, unfortunately. Jones as Koresh brought about large followings and controlled their minds with their charismatic characters. Jones didn’t so much have an over literistic view of Scripture as did Koresh, but abandonded Christianity pretty much altogether, as he seemed to have a more new age view of religion in general.


I love the Bible and try to read it daily. BUT, I’ve always been opposed to literal interpretation. The literature the Davidian rebel gave us is voluminous and absolutely ***NUTS ***in what it proposes, theologically. I mean straight-up CRAZY. :eek:


The greatest tragedy of our day. Seventy inocent men women and children,slaghtered by The Clinton administration And covered up by the evil henchmen Janet Reno.Lieutenant Kalley was court martialed for his part in Mai Li Viet Nam ,but the left wing Clinton administration proudly stands with the slaughter of these people who could have been arested at any time in the town where they lived and did buisness Waco Texas.Instead they changed where they lived from a house to a compound,something very important if they want to vilanize a people.Then they unleashed law enforcement and our own military forces on these inocent people,using gas on them that we are banned from using on even our enemies.Then the final lie to cover up this evil slaughter…they said that they burned themselves.Right…oh yes they were also very angry when the people fought back to protect themselves and they lossed four of their own.Well just like with Saddsm Husseign they never foun the weapons these people were supposed to have but were NEVER FOUND.SAddam was brught to justice and I believe that those EVIL PEOPLE whogave the orders and who carried them out will be brought to justice someday for they will never be able to cover up the innocent blood they shed.


I believe that the dangers of a too literal interpreation of scripture are most subtle.

Romans 10, 8
The Word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.

I John 5, 10
Whoever believes in the Son of God has the testimony within Himself.

How could anyone think that the Written Word is the only thing, that is, “Sola Scriptura”. The written word only, it will kill us.

Also, if one holds justified and saved by faith, then one must see here that faith is within and thus our justification and salvation is within. Justification is not outside us; justification is within the heart/soul.

Well, I am done for now.

May God’s beauty, love and happiness be shared by your loving deeds!!!


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