Daniel 2: Is the Catholic and Orthodox the legs of the antichrist?

I will talk to Fr. this week. I just need to gather to myself a stronger will and pray more, then will I grow close to Christ and not be bothered by this nonsense. However, this may help for some thinking of converting but held back.

No, this is all just nonsense. It is just bogus interpretations peddled by anti-Catholic and anti-Orthodox bigots. You will see other versions that make the Catholic Church one leg and Islam the other one.

Keep a prayerful life, read Sacred Scripture and get to know the early Church Fathers and their sayings. This will help a lot. :thumbsup:

EDIT: fwiw, here’s the interpretation of the relevant parts from the NABRE:

2:36–45 The four successive kingdoms in this apocalyptic perspective are the Babylonian (gold), the Median (silver), the Persian (bronze), and the Hellenistic (iron). The last, after Alexander’s death, was divided among his generals (vv. 41–42). Of the kingdoms which emerged from this partitioning, the two that most affected the Jews were the dynasties of the Ptolemies in Egypt and the Seleucids in Syria. They tried in vain, by war and through intermarriage, to restore the unity of Alexander’s empire (v. 43). The stone hewn from the mountain is the kingdom of God awaited by the Jews (vv. 44–45). Compare the image of the stone applied to Jesus in Luke 20:17–18.

Some people have assigned the Roman Empire, which was divided into western and eastern portions, as the legs of iron from Daniel 2:31-35, because the empire was known for it’s iron grip of government. And in Daniel 2:40 the fourth kingdom subdues all the prior kingdoms. The three kingdoms of Babylonian (600 BC), Medo-Persian (500 BC), and Grecian (Alexander 336–323 BC), were not entirely covered by The Roman Empire which did not rule the eastern territory extending as far as Pakistan.

Daniel 2:40
There shall be a fourth kingdom, strong as iron; it shall break in pieces and subdue all these others, just as iron breaks in pieces and crushes everything else.

Ya do not pay this stuff any mind or time.

Such should be ignored not argued with. Like barking dogs or hissing geese to use a Carthusian from the middle ages example.

Hi Upgrade. I hope that meeting goes well.

That aside, why does the thread title say

Daniel 2: Is the Catholic and Orthodox the legs of the antichrist?


Daniel 2 ought to be read in its original Jewish context, just like the rest of the Old Testament, for God didn’t only write the scriptures for Christians in mind – who would come hundreds of years after the Hebrew scriptures.

With the revelation in Christ, all of the written Word of God receives its center and proper focus. But to get at the meaning of any passage, one has to take into consideration the intent of the original author: that is, the literal meaning. This is the literal meaning, to interpret the words how the authors meant them. (It does not mean taking a fundamentalist, literalistic reading whereby even “it’s raining cats and dogs” means man’s favorite animals are falling from the sky. That is not the Catholic approach when we say literal reading.)

Anyway, its silly to try to insert the Catholic or Orthodox church or any other event or thing that had no relation to the original audience.

There are additional layers to the literal meaning of scripture, but these are spiritual and allegorical. Not a multiplication of literal meanings. So for example, Revelation 12 most literally means Mary, who gave birth to Christ. But beyond that, there is another spiritual interpretation that the “woman” represents faithful Israel or even the Church – after all, Mary embodies both of these realities. But the biblical author John surely didn’t mean the woman to signify BOTH on the same literal level.

And they come to this conclusion by interjecting their own ideas into Scripture? One cannot get it from Scripture itself in part or in its entirety. Don’t let you heart be troubled.


Another interpretation of the 4th empire, two legs, in Daniel 2, is the Islamic Caliphate (empires).
Islamic Conquests and Ottoman Empire.


Map of the spread of Islam 622-750

Map of the spread of the Ottoman Empire 1798-1923

The antichrist is known as:
“The prince of Tyre (Lebanon)” - Ezekiel 28:2
The Assyrian (king of Assyria) - Isaiah 10:12-14
“Pharaoh king of Egypt” - Ezekiel 29:2-3, Isaiah 27:1

Definition of antichrist:
“Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son” - 1 John 2:22

The pope cannot be the antichrist since he believes in the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Message to the Church in Pergamum (in Turkey):
“I know where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is; and you hold fast My name, and did not deny My faith even in the days of Antipas, My witness, My faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells” - Revelation 2:13

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