Daniel 3 - Missing verses?


The New American Bible (1981, 1982 edition) has the book of Daniel, chapter 3 with 100 verses.
The Good News Translation that I have (called The Ultimate Catholic Student Bible), only has 30 verses, as does the KJV and others I have seen.
The missing verses are primarily the song of praise by the three young men in the fiery furnace, which is quite lengthy, so I understand the omissions in the interest of brevity, but can I get some comparisons from you all on other Bibles as to whether or not they are included?


I’m not sure.

The New Jerusalem Bible has 100 verses too.


While people informally speak of 7 deuterocanonical books in Catholic bibles that are eliminated from protestant ones, the deuterocanon also includes additions to Esther and Daniel, including the section you note.

I am surprised a bible is allowed to call itself *Ultimate Catholic Student Bible *in this circumstance. :ehh: :tsktsk:



Deuterocanon. You probably also noticed it didn’t have all of Esther, or the Books of Tobit, Judith, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach or Baruch. Protestants don’t consider them Biblical, and as such, don’t publish them in their Bibles. It would be like a Greek Orthodox asking why our Bibles don’t contain 3 Maccabees.


Here’s one explanation…



I think this might actually be a more comprehensive and accurate explanation.



Thanks. Yes, I got the student bible from my parish Bible Study a couple of years ago. It has all the books, including the Greek Esther, Susanna, Bel and the Dragon, 1&2 Esdras, etc. The omission in Daniel was surprising to me too.
It’s color coded for different themes, such as Sin, Prophecy, Teaching, and so on, and it has full page comments and instruction notes. So I assume they were going for extra space. That’s all I can figure.:shrug:
It’s a shame, though, because those verses are very inspiring.


Okay, I understand. I knew there additional books in Catholic Bibles, but I didn’t know about the additional verses.
There’s a 3 Maccabees? I’m going to try to learn more about the Eastern Churches.


It looks like my question opened up a ‘can of worms’ that I’m not qualified to ‘put on the hook’.:o So, I’ll call it a healthy disagreement, and I’ll be over here in the corner praying for peace and understanding.
But I appreciate the responses.:thumbsup:


I just found the Douay Rheims Bible online. I’ve heard alot about it and I finally decided to check it out.
It has the 100 verses of Daniel. The song starts in verse 51 and continues through 90.

I suppose the differences of opinion over the Deuterocanocals/ Apocrypha will always exist, but being Catholic, and not just because I’m Catholic, but perceiving it as true, I will always feel confident in knowing these scriptures belong in the Holy Bible. I trust the Magisterium and the wisdom of my Church.


Yep. They also have a third book of Esdras (Technically 1 Esdras, where Ezra and Nehemiah are 2/3 Esdras), a 151st Psalm, and Baruch 6 as its own book.


Depending on the version of the GNT, the “missing verses” may be printed in a separate Deuterocanonicals section, probably under a title such as “Additions to Daniel” or “The Prayer of Azariah.”


Thanks, Bible Reader. I see it now. The Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Young Men. :o
I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection. I just didn’t know they were additions.
The book of Susanna and Bel and the Dragon as well.
I guess it would help to actually read the introductions, :slight_smile:


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