Daniel Lanois

Anyone here a Dan Fan???

I think Here is What is is brilliant! And laced with Catholic themes…

I LOVE Daniel Lanois and have since the release of ACADIE.

who is he…what’s his deal?:smiley:


Queen Anne, you’d probably dig him. He’s the producer on a lot of U2 albums, and a lot of other famous folks.

Here’s a bio page on him:

My pet theory on “Here is What is”

It starts with the existential question -
“O Where Will I Be?”

Then answers with the metaphysical real -
“Here is What is”

Then explores the experience of conversion -
“Not Fighting Anymore”

Works for me! :slight_smile: Not sure what his intent was - but that’s what I like about him. He has enough of that Catholic-sacramental-mysterious approach to things that it keeps you guessing.

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