Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood


IT’S been nearly a decade since the death of Fred Rogers in early 2003 and 11 years since the last original episode of his long-running PBS children’s show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” was broadcast. That’s practically an eternity in the fast-morphing world of children’s television. At least three cable networks devoted solely to the demographic have been created since then.

But on Monday the Rogers vision will come to life again, albeit in very different form.
“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” which most PBS stations will show twice every weekday, has no sweater-wearing father figure to shepherd young viewers gently. The show, built around the fictional young offspring of Rogers’s original puppet characters, including Daniel Striped Tiger, is aimed at a narrow demographic, 2-to-4-year-olds, while the original program was designed for a broader audience.

My son and I caught a few minutes of it this morning. It was sweet enough, and so nostalgic for me. :o

I grew up with the original Mr. Rogers. He had such a great kid’s show. I hope that this show can live up to its predecessor.

I miss Fred Rogers, may he rest in peace.

no one? :frowning:

We watch it. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a Mr. Rogers in name only program. I still can’t figure out why PBS just doesn’t re-run his original series (an odd hour on Saturday isn’t what I mean).

I too have wondered why no Mr Rogers re-runs. Some priest on EWTN (bad memory) was a good friend of Fred Rogers. Anyone remember who it is?
I will send this info re: Daniel Tiger to my all grown up children.

My three year old really likes this program. I am not sure why (we showed him Mr. Roger’s neighborhood on pbs.org once and he didn’t like it/was scared of it. I guess the promos of it the last few weeks worked. It is ok, I don’t mind it, at all, it has several elements that the original had which is nice.

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