Danish agriculture minister quits over mink culling fiasco

If you have not heard about this, Denmark because of an alleged COVID mutation was on course to cull all farmed mink!! I believe one article said they may have 13 million or more of them. Hopefully, this article means they did not. Some were killed apparently per the AP story below. Hopefully, it stays at that low number.

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Now, to the story:

Danish agriculture minister quits over mink culling fiasco

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The Danish minister in charge of farming resigned Wednesday as he took the blame for the government ordering the culling of all farmed mink without having the necessary legislation in place first.

The culling was ordered after a mutated version of the coronavirus was found in some farms and had infected people. There is no evidence that the mutated version is more dangerous but the government moved quickly out of safety, though it lacked the legal basis to order the killing of healthy animals too.

“I have today informed the prime minister that I want to resign from the government,” said Mogens Jensen, the 57-year-old agriculture minister.


your article says farmed mink. Not saying its a good or bad idea, just pointing out that there seems to be a disconnection somewhere with your statement and the article you posted.

Those farmed mink are all going to die anyway. They’re being raised for their fur. Them getting culled or them getting killed to make mink coats to sell in China is going to end the same way, with all the mink dead.

The only issue is whether the farmers and their region have to take a huge economic hit by having all their mink killed off without getting paid for the pelts, since the cull would not have allowed them to use the mink fur, and might have even put an end to the fur farming industry in Denmark.

While I do not want to see mink die, putting an end to fur farming would be a great outcome. It’s already disappeared from a number of other countries and it’s time people just got over the need to raise millions of animals in bad conditions and then kill them just so some diva can walk around with a “luxury” fur coat on that she doesn’t need because we could make a warm coat out of other materials.

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Yep and the farming process well… it isn’t nice, let’s put it that way.

Totally agreed, there is little need for it now and my only concern would be that the countries concerned slowly transition away so they don’t get mass unemployment. There are numerous artificial substances as warm as fur now. I’m not the most sentimental about animals but the fur industry is indeed mostly about vanity.

Farmed mink in both Europe and USA have been culled due to Covid in the farmed mink population.
USA is keeping most of its population in quarantine. 15,000 USA farmed mink have already died from Covid.
There are two issues, Covid killing mink in both countries and a covid mutation in the mink herd.

I am not certain if the dead and culled mink were harvested for their fur, I would guess not.

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