Danish Newspaper Says 'Obama Greater Than Jesus'

Danish newspaper Politiken is running a print story that seems right ‘for such a time as this.’ The editorial opines that the first black American president is so socially connected and able to empathize with all peoples, that he is desirably deific by nature - in not so few words - magnifying his holiness as “greater than Jesus.”

The writer is so convinced that the preeminent presidential pontiff is “the practical Saviour of our times,” his opinion piece showers the honorable Barack Hussein Obama with amorous affection and attributes that are quite literally - of Biblical proportion.

Proclaiming Obama’s proclivity for peace, in awe of his ornamental oratorical ability and wisdom, touting his humble beginnings and defense of the weak and vulnerable because of his ability to identify with them, the author could possibly be preparing his own gospel of the Obama (ante)Christ.

The writer postulates that though it may be seen as blasphemous to make such comparisons, it is also hilarious since, clearly, Barack would win hands down:

“ ‘If such a comparison were to be made, it would, of course, inevitably be to Obama’s advantage.’ “

While there is much portended in a prophetic posture with regard to the love-fest surrounding his historically remarkable presidency, the nations of the world had better be careful what they wish for. It seems to the writer of this article that if Satan were to ascend to the highest mountain with BHO in tow, and say, “bow down and worship me and all of this will be yours to rule and reign,” unlike Jesus Christ, Mr. Obama would likely bow-down on his Islamic prayer rug, wash the feet of the fallen angel and arise, rolling up his narcissistic sleeves and pronounce his latest mantra to the world…”Yes I will!”

In light of the current global ecological, economic, socio-religious, ethnic, cultural and political imbalance which has this earth teetering on the brink of spiritual and moral collapse - unlike any other political figure in history - more and more Mr. Obama is being exalted socially, his throne established higher, and his power exponentially increasing…maybe the President shouldn’t read the Danish op-ed piece. It just might go to his horn…er, head.


I’m amazed that it took so long for someone to say this …

Did Jesus approve the killing of Children? I think not.

I haven’t seen the account of Obama’s miracles nor his resurrection, therefore I don’t see a reason to worship him.

Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t follow your reasoning.

They can have him

Gutter press, it should be hung on a string in an out-house.

They said that about John Lennon, too—and look at what happened to him.

To set the record straight, no one said it about John Lennon and he did not say it about himself. He said it about the Beatles as a group and was compairing the popularity of the group to Christianity. students.ceid.upatras.gr/~pirli/beatles/jesus.html

His death was the result of a deranged mind 14 years later and had nothing to do with the statement.

Now, not saying you were, but if you were looking to make a smart alec remark about the OP’s comment, you miight have said “well, the President should be worried because look what they did to the last Jesus…”:whistle:

As for me, I could care less what the Op-Ed piece in the NY Times or the Washington Post says, much much less what some obsecure dude in Eurpoe thinks. Now, if comment was in L’Osservatore Romano, that would be another story…:smiley:

and…he meant to say they were “bigger than Rod (Stewart)” - not God, so it was a simple mistake. :wink: :smiley:

Anytime someone starts to talk of Barack Obama and start of as describing him as the “first Black President” I immediately dismiss their message and its intent out of habbit.

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