Danish Palestinian Poet attacked with knife in Ramallah


The 18 year old Yahya Hassan made his first poetry collection in 2013, and instantly became famous in Denmark.
A talented poet but in his poetry he describes a brutal reality about the widespread crime, fraud, and religious hypocrisy within the predominantly Moslem ghetto environment in Scandinavia.

Soon after the publishing, he was attacked at a train station by an islamist, a former convict of terrorism. Hassan’s presentations where he would recite his poetry became the target of threats made by ‘young men’ from his own environment, who said he had offended Islam. The Danish police had to ensure his democratic right to express himself.
Furthermore, he has had to have the secret services watching over him at all times, even though he is only 18 years old.

Now at a visit in Ramallah i Israel where he attended a writers conference, he was attacked by severel men who hunted him with a knife calling him an infidel.

Yahya Hassan is only one of severel persons who are living under constant threats because they have in some form criticised Islam in Europe.



The Danish-Palestinian poet Yahya Hassan was forced to flee from a group of knife-wielding men in the Palestinian city of Ramallah during his visit this week.


Since they say they believe in Abraham, its a shame that they cannot live by the 10 Commandments, which would clean up many of there carry on’s which are contra to the 10 Commandments. One cannot go around the world like a madman chasing down everyone who disagrees with Mohammed or the Islamic Faith, if we did that we would have thousands of Christians in full time employment.

We might not like it but Freedom of Speech is very important, providing it does not advocate or promote speech that is contra to the 10 Commandments we all have to live on this earth together.


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