Daredevil season 3(Catholic Superhero)


Anyone watch Daredevil season 3 on Netflix? I loved it! Many of the seasons were inside of a church.


what is it about ? someone recommended to me. I need another netflix show for my commute to and from work !


I don’t know which season I watched but this version of Daredevil is too gruesome, too violent. I used to read the comics but that was long ago.


The Daredevil was blinded when he was 9yrs old and his other senses were greatly enhanced because of it. He learned to use these heightened senses to fight crime (very simplified version here). He is Catholic and has a close relationship with his Priest who tries to temper Daredevils violence and which causes conflicts of conscience. In other words, on the one hand he wants to be a good Catholic and often fails.
If you like any of the comics turned movies, this is one I personally like because of the tension between his beliefs and actions. He isn’t as shallow as some of the characters tend to be. It is violent! I think that is part of what drives his conflicts but then I have no issue with excessive violence (for adults). I’d keep the kids away until they are older, though.
I haven’t watched season 3 yet.


I love that series. I’m trying to take my time with this season since I’ve binge watched them in the past. I’m on the 4th episode and so far it’s great. Last season was pretty awesome with the punisher.


Daredevil is Catholic?!?! Rock on!!!


Daredevil being a Catholic was a retcon in the comics, early on he was just another American guy in a mask. Obviously his surname and place of origin fit neatly into the whole Irish Catholic thing that has been part of the character for getting on for 40 years now though. They at least deal with it with some level beyond stupid jokes about paedophilia or anything of that kind. The Netflix Marvel shows may be running out of steam though as Luke Cage is now cancelled and wasn’t renewed and the same is true of Iron Fist. Although those two and particularly the latter were the weakest of the show and only Mike Colter’s performance as Luke really made watching one of them worthwhile.


Very much so…but also an often tormented and failing one. That’s why I like it. It deals with the conflict between his violence and his faith. And his faith often fails. Some of the best parts are his discussions with his Priest.


On Luke Cage, I’m still trying to figure out why it’s failing. The stories aren’t bad but they are presented so disjointed and underdeveloped. The acting is mostly good but rarely are the actors allowed to shine. It tries one minute to show us black Harlem and it’s culture and the next minute seems trite. I so wanted this to better.

Iron Fist suffers from poor acting and really bad story telling. His Asian girlfriend is its only redeeming feature. No surprise it failed.

Are they going to do more Punishers? I hope so.


This version of the Punisher is honestly the only time I’ve ever liked or found the character interesting. Even Garth Ennis’s famous black comedy run on the comics was one I only found marginally amusing.


Most likely season 1. So far, season 1 was the most gruesome. Season 3 is tame compared to season 1


I’m assuming all the netflix marvel series are on their last run. Hopefully they continue them on Disney’s streaming service. I’m just happy there will be a second season of punisher.


Luke Cage? I still can’t get over over the camera giving the viewer a lengthy scene of him having sex with a woman shot from the side, back about 10 feet. NOT necessary. Not pertinent. He has a zero relationship with this woman. She comes to see him once and he hears her talk but does he care? He got the sex based on nothing but her looks.


yeah, the sex scenes in Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were not really necessary.


I don’t think they will… from what I read, Netflix owns or shares the rights to the actual shows. And if Disney puts it on their service, I seriously doubt they will be as dark.


But they were put in there for a purpose. Not a good purpose.


Regarding Punisher, I remember when the first comics came out. I got tired of anti-heroes. I want actual heroes… that are heroic.


Yes, that was pure Hollywood rules that state no one will watch anything unless we have gratuitous sex in it. C’mon Hollywood! See what happens, just once, in a show where the story is what matters and doesn’t have some mandatory sex scene. I’m pretty good at just mentally blocking out those scenes. Your mileage may vary.


Of course… they want to continue to normalize fornication and homosexual acts (the lesbian scenes in Jessica Jones). In Jessica Jones season 1, they even had Trish Walker (aka Hellcat) preforming oral sex. It just was not necessary.

Also not necessary is in the Runaways, having TEENAGE characters having sex and having lesbian scenes too.


I understand Hollywood’s desire to make sex outside of marriage look somehow average or OK, but this is just sending the wrong message, The comic books I read growing up did not require this and it serves no “artistic” purpose. So, Hollywood (anybody), if you’re reading this, just stop it. Love and romance not ‘she’s hot, let’s do it.’

Shame on you.

A fellow sinner.

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