Daredevil season 3(Catholic Superhero)


The only point I would add to this is that Hollywood feels it needs these scenes to sell the shows and make money. They don’t care about the morality, they care about the profits. Until the viewers reject the premise the scenes will be in there. Sad, but true.


I am going to start that today ! thanks for the info


Let me know what you think. I haven’t started S3 yet but am looking forward to this weekend…uhhh, if the Dodgers wash out.


Most TV is on my ‘do not watch’ list. I do watch some (and then stop) to see how bad things are getting and unfortunately, adding more bad is still the thing to do. So, I’m rejecting most of it. And the ‘do not watch’ list keeps getting bigger.


I don’t think it’s about money or selling the show. The shows where they have a ton of sex would sell without it. I honestly think they do it to promote a message. They know people are going to watch their show, so they place this scenes in there to promote their views.


They also have to have the actors agree to do the scenes. Makes you (well, me) wonder how many fine actors never get parts in shows because they will not perform those types of scenes. I did ameture theater in my youth and never had to face that decision and would have refused if I had!

I can agree that some shows are trying to push the edge on morality but I don’t think it can be a blanket statement that ALL are. I do think the money making is primary or co-equal in the process.


I agree. Hollywood is about ‘issue advocacy’ now. They are watched by certain groups to make sure what they produce is ‘right’ or ‘acceptable.’ A group called GLAAD publishes an annual survey called the Studio Responsibility Index. This amounts to lobbying Hollywood regarding adding ‘inclusive’ content. There is a second test applied called the Vito Russo Test to determine how well Queer people are depicted.

Put down the remote and read a good book or watch most anything that is from 1965 or prior.


There are a large number of actors who have trouble finding jobs because they stick to a moral compass. A lot of them are “exiled” to Hallmark Channel movies and Christian Movies.

I never said ALL are pushing morality. I was referring to all the ones who do push morality are not doing it for money reasons.

The reason I know they are not doing it for financial reasons is because the movies and shows that consistently have the best ratings and make the most money are rated PG-13 or TV-14.

They are typically not R rated. And movies with sex get a MA tv rating because they purposely avoid getting the movie rated so they avoid the NC-17 rating, which is considered a kiss of death in the film industry.

So, I don’t believe that graphic sex is about selling the movie. I think it’s about the director doing what they want to do as an artistic statement or social statement.

And actors and actresses are willing to do it because it sends a message to directors and producers that they were willing to do whatever they are told to do.

The whole industry is sinful. Has been for thousands of years.

God bless.


The movie industry was a lot less sinful when the Catholic Legion of Decency was around (later, Legion of Decency). The Church realized early on what effect the motion picture could have on the morals of the general audience so they approached the industry about establishing certain practices. This led to the Production Code. When the Legion of Decency quietly disappeared in 1973, all bets were off.

Yes, some actresses refused to appear in movies that called for bare body parts. You have to wonder why that’s changed - aside from the money. Having a good reputation meant something. I read an account by one ‘name’ actress who wrote she couldn’t stand it anymore and left.


What, like Batman who started off beating people and throwing them of rooftops to their deaths for the first couple of years and machine gunning opponents using a biplane (all sequences that can be found in Batman comics from 1939 to 1940 or so).


I would agree, although both had a reputation in comics for a high sex drive and picking up available partners. Ironically of course, Jessica and Luke are married in the comics they spring from and have a daughter named Danielle (after Danny Rand). Jessica was generally portrayed as using sex to cover up an emotional void, along with the heavy drinking she engages in. I’d say Jessica Jones has had stronger scripts on the whole and Luke Cage’s second season is one I still haven’t finished watching as I found it wandered all over the place and tried to cram in nods to one million and one obscure Marvel characters in a distracting fashion.


Then the Comics Code Authority stepped in.


The Comics Code Authority didn’t exist till the mid 1950’s. Batman and Superman were slowly toned down by virtue of DC comic’s editors. Batman reflected the fact he drew heavily on the Shadow, Black Bat and other characters. Although nowadays it’s clearly established he doesn’t kill or normally use a gun early on that was not true. I actually think he works better if he at best kills very rarely but early on he was killing with abandon and quite happy to threaten to kill people to get information and he plainly wasn’t bluffing in those early stories. He also carried a gun in a holster for quite a few of those early tales, that went away as he slowly shed some of the pulp trappings. Superman early on was quite happy to mete out rough justice, including beating up a guy abusing his wife.


Yes, but there is a way to portray that without going into graphic sex scenes. Jessica Jones esp had some very pornographic scenes minus the full nudity.


Believe me the show is mild compared to some of the comics. Jessica deliberately asks Luke to have rough anal sex with her in one issue of that so she can feel something as she become emotionally dead. To his credit after a bit Luke actually refuses to be with her as a boyfriend until she makes some effort to sort her personal demons out. The show does go overboard on the sex scenes at times but it is not a kids show and Jessica is a deeply troubled individual in many ways.


Very true. Jessica Jones in the TV show is no where near as messed up as she is in the comics, even though by all accounts she’s pretty messed up in the show.


I fully agree. There’s no point to showing it aside from normalizing it, especially to impressionable minds.


“mild compared to” is what I heard from radio DJs in the 1990s. When things are getting more and even more graphic, there’s no way to excuse bad stuff in comics - or on the radio.

I’m glad Luke Cage got cancelled.


I agree with the first part of your post. However, I’m not glad Luke Cage got cancelled. I think they cleaned up the sex a little in the 2nd season. Though, honestly, the 2nd season really wasn’t that good.

Both Luke Cage and Iron Fist are so much better when they are hanging out together.


The second season was disjointed and somewhat dull. The first season tailed of after Cottonmouth was offed but up till then was reasonably well written and even after that had its moments. I found the second season all over the place. Luke and Danny worked well in the comics due to them a classic odd couple, Luke’s pragmatic street smarts and Danny’s more idealistic outlook gelled well there. I have some fond moments of their comics, in particular the lawyer Jerry Hogarth’s interaction with Luke in the comics. There Jerry was an older male who acted like a mentor to Luke and when Luke (who has something of a different background in the comics) confessed he was a poor scholar and didn’t feel he was ever going to measure up to others in that rubbish Hogarth rubbished that by pointing out Luke was confusing the ability to speak nicely and be verbose with actual intellect. You then saw it slowly but surely building up Luke’s confidence and acting as a mentor. One issue I remember has another black guy start insulting Jerry as a Honky and Luke stepping next to him and asking does he want to say that again a bit louder as Luke didn’t think he’d heard him. Christ Claremont of X-Men fame wrote a fair few stories involving both characters and his penchant for developing strong female characters is largely where Misty Knight and Collen Wing’s personalities stem from, although others developed them after.

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