Dark matter discovered: Scientists believe they have found elusive particle that makes up 90% of Universe

Physicists have detected a particle of dark matter for the first time in human history, a number of U.S laboratories announced today.

Should the findings be confirmed it will have an Earth-shattering effect on our understanding of how galaxies form.

Dark matter is believed to make up 90 per cent of the mass of the Universe. We can’t see it but scientists think it is there due to the gravitational force it exerts.

It could help account for the ‘missing mass’ in the Universe that would explain why galaxies rotate at their current speeds.

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1236882/Dark-matter-discovered-Scientists-believe-elusive-particle-makes-90-Universe.html#ixzz0a3tgxJKO

One might now wonder what new tax the government is going to cook up to prevent dark matter from clouding our soup or dirtying our glasses.

Given that these particles couldn’t do anything to a half mile of rock, I think your soup and glasses (and wallet) are safe. :slight_smile:

God’s Christmas presnt to physicists, a new particle to play with!!

Of course boys will be boys. As soon as it’s out of the box they’ll just have to show it off to their little friends at CERN and try to bust it into smaller particles! :smiley:

Excellent post::thumbsup: Once again scientist will never understand just how small they really are.

Dark matter is one of the great mysteries of the universe.

So is dark energy, the mysterious force that is actually accelerating the expansion of the universe. But my period of substitute teaching has led me to believe that I have discovered where that force is contained–the space between the ears of middle-schoolers. You tell a middle-schooler something, and it goes in one ear and picks up so much speed that it exits the other ear BEFORE it went in the first ear. That kind of force could have a lot to do with the acceleration of the universe’s expansion.


Interesting. But since all good things lead us to God…this will too.

If you read the theory behind “dark matter” it sounds like the writers for Star Trekk had a bad day when they came up with it…

It’s a comfort to know my glasses and soup are safe. However, given the proclivities of this government, it is difficult for me to believe my wallet is.

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