Dark Theme When Will It Be Fixed?


When are they going to fix the dark theme the other themes kill my eyes…

It’s all blocked in white with grey font.

I need it to match my soul and Halloween is coming up…

Seriously fix this it’s a lot easier on my eyes…


I’d like to know too. The dark theme works on my laptop (the text boxes are dark gray, but that’s okay) but is unusable on my Android phone because the text boxes come up with white and light, unreadable text, and the big blue disclaimer at the bottom covers the posting buttons and will not go away when I tap.

Makes it very difficult to use CAF on my phone.

I’m also a little bothered that we never got any update on this situation as to why the themes suddenly went berserk or what, if anything, was being done about it.


I use my phone 100% of the time.

I really like both the software and this forum.

I tried using Suscipe Domine and it’s a very slow moving forum.

If I can get some financial matters straightened out I would like to donate to the forum especially if they can get the theme stuff worked out.


Sorry to bother you. I know you are probably fixing it and hence I haven’t felt the need to ask you. But now more people are getting affected by this can we at least have a rough idea how long this is going to take to be fixed?
Thank you so much. The dark theme really helps with eye health and battery life on phones.


I think @cawebmaster would be a better person to ask. I really do hope to see all the issues get fixed.


Oops yes you’re right.
sorry moderator!


That’s fine. Yes, the cawebmaster is the go-to person on this issue.


If someone does go to fix it, remember that dark is broken in two different ways, at least:

  • the color scheme is no longer whitish text on black, but whitish on grey boxes (laptop)
  • a button is missing in Apologetics and in Catholic Living that is present in the other themes

Compare screen shots for missing button in dark:

See, two boxes with little arrows/triangles in them are missing in dark. So you can’t use the little drop down menu in dark.


I think that one is intentional. I want to be able to autocomplete names and minimise the disclaimer on mobile.


Perhaps, but it was easier to read before.

Minimizing the disclaimer would be nice since on dark on a laptop it now covers the cancel button in the reply box. I click on the edges because I know they are there, but I can’t read them



This is how it looks on mobile.


Ouch. My eyes would burn out. :scream:


Yes, the mobile color scheme badly needs to be fixed. I’d also like the header to be a single line. CAF theme header is the same.


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