Darkstalkers fighting game demon name ok to play?

There is this world or dimension that is sorta like hell and the now former ruler was Berial/ Belial who is a demon king or the devil in this game. He is I suppose goodish in game. In real life is a king of hell supposedly. Either way he’s dead now in the series.

Its a fighting game that I am interested in.

I need to look up more though,

If the point of the game were to sway you toward evil acts, worships or other Gods than yes it would be inappropriate.

However, it just sounds like your typical hack/slash fantasy game. Don’t read too far into.

At least that’s how I look at it. :thumbsup:

It’s a fighting game actually.:slight_smile:

Its actually preety deepish with some of the plot. I gotta look through it all and wikis are usually where I get info. I found a different source though.

To the knowledge mobile! Away! Gotta check my facts.

But the name will not be bad or anything?

To help the OP elaborate, it’s a popular fighting game that turns classic and universal horror monsters into anime, Street Fighter-style characters. Stereotypical monsters featured include:

The Abominable Snowman

Concept-wise, it’s actually pretty darn cool. As far as story goes, I’d agree with not reading too much into it. The story is typical of every fighting game: loopy with multiple endings.

It’s pretty dark though so I suggest you be of sound mind and of proper age before you play. :smiley:

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