Darth Vader or Superman?

Over on Facebook there is a group that proposes a very important :stuck_out_tongue: question: If Darth Vader were to match up against Superman who would win?

Superman of course but it would be a very intriguing fight!

On which planet would they face off against each other?

Superman would win with his strength, but Vader will still be much cooler than Superman. :smiley:

I was thinking Superman would have this one, BUT if Darth gets a Force Choke in it could be over for Superman – what could he do?

I was all set to say that its too hard to say who could clearly win but my Dad just told me that Superman could turn Vader into a Popsicle or into Fire with Superman’s mouth or eyes.

Silver-age Superman fans know that Superman has two vulnerabilities: green kryptonite and magic. If the force counts as magic, poor Supes would have no defense against it.

The Force would most certainly be considered “magic” but I would imagine that Vader would do a Force Choke on Superman but it would take a while as Superman isn’t no ordinary person. In that time Superman might try to turn him into a popsicle or melt his life support casing with his eyes emitting heat.

However, if you remember in ESB Vader was shot at by Han Solo with his gun and the reason why the blasts bounced off Vader was NOT because his outfit was blaster proof but because Vader has such a knowledge of the Force that he could “will it away”. Perhaps Vader could do the same with Superman’s powers too?

As you can see I am very confused :smiley:

And lets not forget about Jedi mind tricks. Couldn’t Vader just confuse Superman with the wave of a hand?.. “This is not the Vader you are looking for…”

You people who voted for Superman are weak minded because Darth Vader has used his Jedi mind tricks on you into thinking Superman will win. So then Superman will get overly confident and Darth Vader will kick his butt all the way back to Krypton where he belongs.

The force wins over Kryptonite, any day of the week. :smiley:

Vader - there’s no doubt in my mind.

If it was a spur of the moment thing, I think Supes would stand a better chance, he can move faster than light remember.

But if it was prepared battle, I think vader would probably have a kryptonite crystal somewhere, probably one in his lightsabre and one in his suit. But that would only be for stopping Supes with his super speed. Darth would finish him easily with the force after that.

If supes took him by surprise, he could win with his super speed, regardless of how Darth uses the force, but it would still be exceptionally hard.

You forget, though, that superspeed is no match for precognition. Of course Superman can move faster than Vader, but how would that help him if Vader already knew he was coming?

Vader, because he’s da man and he’s got a lightsaber, for cryin out loud!

In Star Wars, precognition only works in order to sense an open general danger/evil(which is what obi-wan senses in episode 4 when alderaan gets destroyed) or the presence of someone you once already knew(Hence Vader didn’t recognize Leia or Luke as being his daughter, and he only recognizes Obi-Wan). Unless vader could sense specifically something dangerous that had the power to move faster than the speed of light, I highly doubt he would be able to defeat superman.

In episode 3, most of the jedi sensed the general impending doom, but not that they were going to be backstabbed.

Supey, of course :smiley: - he can travel through time, after all.

Darth Vader! He is cooler and could place some kryptonite crystals into his lighsaber. :smiley:

vader so long as there are no volcanoes near by

Superman wins at the end of every movie/episode, Darth Vader was killed in the end. That tells us something about their powers :wink:

and using dark powers always backfires! :stuck_out_tongue:

Superman got owned by Doomsday. :smiley:

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