Darwin: "to some races an elongated skull of the dolichocephalic type"


_ _ Increased bodily stature, without any
_ _ corresponding increase in the size of the brain, may
_ _ (judging from the previously adduced case of
_ _ rabbits), have given to some races an elongated
_ _ skull of the dolichocephalic type.


T.H. Huxley’s 1890 essay "The Aryan Question and Pre-Historic Man"
He talks quite a bit therein about a [Huxley on 284 of my Huxley
book copy]“blond, long-headed race,” i.e. [Huxley on 305]“an Aryan

[1872 Darwin]“Blushing is evident in all the Aryan nations of Europe… The
Semitic races blush freely, as might have been expected, from their
general similitude to the Aryans.”
[Darwin]“Dr. Saviotti in… 1871… remarks that it more frequently
occurs in prognathous skulls, not of the Aryan race, than in others”
[1871/ 74 Darwin]"Europeans and Hindoos… belong to the same Aryan stock… Jews… belong to the Semitic stock"

In a 29 September 1890 letter to Joseph Hooker, Huxley called Huxley’s
1890 “The Aryan Question and Pre-Historic Man” essay “scientific”:
Huxley, Leonard, editor. 1901. Life and Letters of Thomas Henry
Huxley: by his son Leonard Huxley
, in two volumes (NY: D. Appleton
and Company), 539pp. and 541pp. On 286 of volume 2:
_ _ Providence has, I believe, specially devolved on
_ _ Gladstone, Gore, and Co. the function of keeping “'ome
_ _ 'appy” for me.
_ _ I really can’t give up tormenting ces droles.
_ _ However, I have been toiling at a tremendously scientific
_ _ article about the “Aryan question” absolutely devoid of
_ _ blasphemy.

Darwin: "The remarkable success of the English as colonists, compared to other European nations, has been ascribed to their ‘daring and persistent energy’; a result which is well illustrated by comparing the progress of the Canadians of English and French extraction…"

1859 Darwin vs. the Judeo-Christian conception of the unity of man

Multi-Pronged Role of Darwinian Thought in Shoah’s Arrival

Hitler’s actions make sense given his atheism and eugenic, social Darwinist vision


more Darwin: extracts:

 the internal pressure of the brain will
 also have influenced the form of the
 skull; for many facts shew how easily
 the skull is thus effected.
 or if the mental powers were to be
 much increased or diminished,
 without any great change in the size
 of the body, the shape of the skull
 would almost certainly be altered.  I
 infer this from my observations on
 domestic rabbits
 these rabbits the skull had become
 elongated or dolichocephalic
 One of the most marked distinctions
 in different races of men is that the
 skull in some is elongated, and in
 others rounded;
 tall men may be compared with the
 larger and longer-bodied rabbits, all
 of which have elongated skulls or are

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